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But is it any good? Creating e-learning that’s effective and engaging at the same time.

Creating a successful learning experience is not as easy as you might hope. It’s easy to create something that ticks all the boxes in terms of covering key learning, but which is as dull as ditchwater. Similarly, you can create … Continue reading

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The hazards of social media. How to use Google+ without hitting your head.

I’ve only been on a submarine once, but i remember it well because of the bump. When i first climbed down through the hatch, it was a totally alien environment. Grey, smelling of diesel, pipes everywhere, metal, cold, cramped, muffled … Continue reading

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Technology facilitates learning, but it’s only part of the answer.

It’s an ongoing frustration to me that organisations procure technology that they think will solve problems that are, essentially, around learning design. It’s like thinking that buying a beautiful and expensive pen will make you a great writer, or by … Continue reading

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Leaving the mainstream. How the iPad became uncool.

Speaking to a friend today who told me she’d been banned from getting an iPad by her girlfriend as it was too ‘corporate’ and uncool. What? How did this happen? Is it true? If so, my last ditch grasp on … Continue reading

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Taking footsteps out of learning. What to do next?

I’m balanced in that precarious place where i feel inspired and energised by the learning and relationships that i forged at the conference last week, but am running up against the familiar friction of being ‘back at work’. It’s always … Continue reading

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Becoming a better craftsman. Sharing ideas and building foundations.

I’m having an unusual experience this week. The chance to spend two days with a small group of experts sharing ideas, learning new things and reflecting on the things i already know (or thought i knew). It’s rare in the … Continue reading

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Social learning in the formal space. Combining technology with desire.

We tend to be highly engaged with social media in social spaces. They have a narrative, stream of consciousness feeling to them, often more reportage than considered opinion. The act of authoring and creation is every bit as important as … Continue reading

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Do you recognise yourself in that old photo? How learning changes who we are.

I saw a photo this morning of two old university friends. Funny how i easily recognised them, although tinged with the realisation that they were all grown up. They looked like adults, complete with children! When you grow older alongside … Continue reading

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What’s the point of a good book? Can you learn from books or is experience the only way to go?

In a weak piece of writing, i’m asking an obvious question here. The answer is that both have value. But, to avoid an overly short response, it’s worth investigating further. Writing captures information, it takes a snapshot of a view, … Continue reading

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Getting better, getting worse. The cycle of learning and teaching.

Something struck me this weekend, about how to get worse at something gracefully. When we are young, we tend to try to perfect things. To be better, faster, stronger, but this is a path that cannot last forever. As we … Continue reading

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