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Coffee and the Social Muffin. Reflections on the year.

Today it’s one of those occasional reflective and introspective posts, because it’s the 250th blog entry and the last one for the year as i shall be working on The Book over Christmas. At the start of the blog, in … Continue reading

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Small group learning using iPads. Ideas for practical applications.

The iPad is an ideal platform to be used in small groups: it’s small and independent enough to be passed around, but large enough to be viewed by a group and easy to project from. For these reasons, we can … Continue reading

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The more i learn, the less i know. Learning about ignorance.

I knew i’d heard it somewhere before, although i couldn’t put my finger on where, which is where Google came in. Socrates, apparently. Good. Ancient Greek provenance puts me firmly onto solid ground.’The more i learn, the less i know’, … Continue reading

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Concentration: why multi tasking can be one thing too much.

We’re filming this week for the RNLI, which means lots of people running around doing lots of things, in the middle of which, i’m trying to write. It’s hard to concentrate when so many things are making demands on your … Continue reading

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The future of books. Beauty, function and form in the transmission of knowledge.

I’ve got a copy of the Hobbit on my bookshelf, which was the prize in an art competition when i was twelve. It’s a lovely copy, with Tolkien’s original illustrations, one of my prized possessions. Next to it is a … Continue reading

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Skills training using e-learning. Using diagnostic exercises, feedback and justification to overcome the challenges.

It’s sometimes felt that you can only really train facts and figures with e-learning, that skills training requires face to face interventions. This is based on the fact that you can’t give direct feedback on behaviours to an individual within … Continue reading

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Learning from history: Scott’s polar expedition and the lessons from the past.

There’s a new exhibition going into the Natural History Museum in London about Scott’s ill fated attempt to reach the South Pole in 1912. For polar buffs like me, this will be a great opportunity to see some of the … Continue reading

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