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Instructional Design. Why the learning methodology has to sit at the heart of the learning.

There are many tools on the market for speeding up production of e-learning. Some of them are great for capturing processes, some great for authoring text, some for graphics, some for video. Many are good, some less so, but they … Continue reading

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Winners and losers. The decline of MySpace and reflections on the rise and fall of social network sites.

Something is rotten in the State of Denmark. MySpace, the virtual home of social networking for musicians, is in what may be terminal decline. In February 2010, MySpace had 110 million active users, a figure that has fallen to a … Continue reading

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Made for the job. Learning that literally requires you to grow into a role and learning to leave it all behind.

Last night i went to see the Moscow Ballet. Pretty incredible stuff and very inspirational, but not so inspirational that i thought about taking it up myself. I know that, no matter how inspired i was, there’s no way i’m … Continue reading

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The Census: Uses of measurement in e-learning and why we feel the need to measure at all.

This week, in the UK, we’re completing the census. Every ten years, we record the details of everyone living in every household in the UK, a giant count of who is here and what they are up to. In other … Continue reading

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The language of design. Understanding how to speak it and knowing what makes a design good.

With any piece of e-learning, there are two parts to the story; what you say and how you say it. A good story pays equal attention to both. Spend all your efforts in crafting the message, but present it poorly, … Continue reading

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Google or Grandad? Older and wiser? The informal mentoring inherent with age.

The young are impetuous, inexperienced, headstrong and determined. As we get older, we are wiser, more considered, more experienced and battle scared, more sensible. Or maybe not… There’s an inherent assumption in society that as we get older, we have … Continue reading

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Reports of the death of conversation have been greatly exaggerated OR How to have a party with your iPad.

I’m starting to feel like cupid. A latter day cupid that is. A cupid who fashions transient 21st century relationships using technology instead of a bow. But i’m not doing it with wifi and 3G, the hardware itself seems to … Continue reading

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Teenage Kicks: The impact of subtle digital freedoms versus command and control.

We’ve just upgraded the work network, which has gone very smoothly, with one jarring exception. Whenever i launch the Internet Explorer now, it takes me to the Corporate homepage. I wouldn’t mind, except that i don’t want to visit the … Continue reading

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Idle chatter? Just how useful is social networking?

Facebook and Twitter are taking over the world. Or so it sometimes feels. From revolution in Egypt to promoting Sports Massage, social networking is the tool of choice. From networking for a new job through to organising student fee protests, … Continue reading

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Pushing the boundaries: learning from physical challenges and mutual support.

Physical challenges are rarely just physical. The mind powers the body. Any challenge involves both physical prowess and also the willpower and motivation to succeed. Whilst many of us aren’t professional sportspeople, we can still face challenges that require both … Continue reading

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