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Your Power

Today i am just #workingOutLoud reflecting on Power. We inhabit not one, but multiple systems of power: some codified, formal and visible, others hidden, or highly contextual. But all interacting in different ways with one another. Power does not operate … Continue reading

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Types of Story: Reputation and Identity

This week i am building out ideas around Reputation and Identity as part of my current writing around ‘The Roots of Story’. Reputation can be viewed as a story, taking varied forms: partly we may seek to write that story … Continue reading

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The Reality of Reputation

This week i have been running a series of Leadership Campfires around ‘Reputation’, and today i am sharing a reflection upon these conversations. Or perhaps i should say ‘Reputations’, because we carry not one, but many. Reputation is a story: … Continue reading

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Social Leadership Daily

Alongside the blog, i have also recently started to publish a daily practitioner newsletter called ‘Social Leadership Daily’ – it’s a focussed sixty seconds a day for a question, reflection, or action, and it’s just turned 100 days old. This … Continue reading

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Storytelling Experiment: Day 1 – Power

I am #WorkingOutLoud this week, prototyping a format of ‘5 Day Experiments’ for busy and aspiring Social Leaders. It’s not dissimilar to the approach i take in my book on ‘Social Leadership: My 1st 100 Days’, which also works on … Continue reading

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Moroccan Diary: Empowered

‘I’ve led a hard life’, said Mustafa, not seeking sympathy, but more as a statement of fact. And i could believe it. In his mid fifties, we were talking in the earth and wood riad that he had built, himself, … Continue reading

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The Fear

There are two consistent aspects of the conversations that i have around the Social Age: what can it give us, and what should we fear. More specifically, ‘how can we exploit it’, and ‘what if we don’t like it’. Both … Continue reading

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The Imposition Of Reputation #SL100

I presented a session today around ‘Social Authority’ in Social Leadership, and used this slide for the first time: it’s one of the illustrations from the ‘Social Leadership: my 1st 100 days’ book, explaining how reputation is earned, through our … Continue reading

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Reputation: A Work In Progress

Reputation sits at the heart of Social Leadership: it’s earned within our communities, through the actions that we take, and, if we earn it well, it acts as the foundation of our Social Authority. But reputation is not carved from … Continue reading

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#Writing Week: Reputation

Illustrating the section on Reputation today, for the Social Leadership 100 book: two images shared here, both around activities where we look at the reputation that others hold, and the reputation that we ourselves earn. As an update: this week … Continue reading

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