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What’s the difference between genuine and fake? Integrity in learning.

I was out in Dublin last night, searching for some good Irish folk music and a decent whiskey. I ended up in a pub that had neither. It had timber beams and smoke stained ceilings, a wooden bar and Guinness. … Continue reading

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Writing scripts for learning videos. What makes a conversation or scenario feel real?

We use a lot of videos in our e-learning. Sometimes they’re used to demonstrate behaviours, sometimes to set a context or bring in a leader to inspire (or at least enthuse) you. Sometimes we use a Guide to help make … Continue reading

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Breaking out of the library. How enhanced books are storming the world of learning.

I’ve been reading a great book. It’s called ‘Business Model Generation’, which doesn’t sound like a light bedtime read, but it’s not like most other books. For a start, it’s not written by one person: it’s been generated out of … Continue reading

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How to write a book. Learning how to write about learning.

Next year, i’m going to write a book. There. I’ve said it now. You’re the third person to know. Unless you read this on monday, in which case you’re right down the league. It’s going to be a book about … Continue reading

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Identity and culture. Learning how organisations change and how they resist it.

Change is a difficult thing. It requires a vision and action. It’s more than just a new logo and some smarter chairs in the office. Organisations are made up of physical environments (their offices, meeting rooms and cafes), virtual environments … Continue reading

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How to make learning relevant. Understanding the everyday reality of the learner.

Learning is often commissioned, procured and delivered in defined projects. But people don’t live in projects: they live in time, progressing through multiple projects, sometimes simultaneously. This can lead to a challenges, where different learning experiences, all coherent in their … Continue reading

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Social media mistakes. How your ‘tone of voice’ needs to resonate with your core values to give a coherent message.

Social media give an immediacy to communication that is fundamentally different from what we are used to in the more formal and traditional world of work. WIthin learning environments, this immediacy can allow debate and discussion to take place, it … Continue reading

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