Consultancy and Sea Salt Learning

In 2014 I set up Sea Salt Learning as a global partner to help organisations get fit for the Social Age.

Sea Salt Learning delivers enterprise level programmes, as well as strategic consultancy.

Through Sea Salt Learning, I regularly consult with a wide range of Organisations around the world on strategy and implementation.

This work covers every aspect of the Social Age:

Working with Learning teams on Social Learning, Social Collaborative learning technologies, community management and growth and to create Learning Architectures.

Exec teams on strategy, to create the Socially Dynamic Organisation, to effect broad culture change. Sometimes around resilience, creativity and innovation.

HR teams to transform HR, to become facilitating and enabling, Socially Dynamic, to develop more Social approaches to induction, onboarding, inclusion and diversity.

I also mentor individual CEOs and execs as they help their organisations get fit for the Social Age.

Through my organisation, Sea Salt Learning, we also deliver, at scale, global learning and transformation projects, including eLearning, compliance training, mobile learning etc.

I work in many sectors: financial services, military, pharma, 3rd sector, manufacturing, aerospace etc.

It’s safe to say that I have wide ranging interests… Contact me if you have any queries!

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