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Radical Interpretations: The Learning Economy

My new publishing project is called ‘Radical Interpretations’, and will contain a series of ‘imagined futures’. The intention is to curate a collection of essays, artwork, conversations and ideas with a 3-5 year future focus, but unconstrained by practical implementation. … Continue reading

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The Evolving Context of Organisations

When i started writing about the Social Age, ten years ago, it was largely an idea. A shadow of thought whereby i tried to catch hold of the silk threads to make a web. It was clear that things were … Continue reading

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Building Culture

I’m off to Orlando today for the ATD Conference next week, where i’m sharing a session on ‘Building Culture’ with my friends over at Novartis. As i prepare for the session (it’s a long flight) i find myself thinking about … Continue reading

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Death of the University: Exploring the Bastions of Quality

That nothing persists should be the foundation of our thinking: not nations nor mountains, beliefs nor blossoms. Everything that is built will erode and fail. Whilst the mechanisms of judgement may range from the erosive quality of sand and wind … Continue reading

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Bending or Breaking

The storms this week have reminded me of a conversation many years ago, as i was stood in a Big Top tend during a gale. The central pole was bending and creaking, and i was quite concerned about the danger, … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on ’The Roots of Storytelling’

As ‘Quiet Leadership’ and ‘Power and Potential’ take flight, i’m left with time to make a start on the next project: ‘The Roots of Storytelling’. Whilst there is a chapter in ‘The Social Leadership Handbook’ about Storytelling, i have really … Continue reading

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The State and Social Change

Change happens at the intersection of systems: sometimes through negotiation, sometimes neglect, sometimes conflict. Today i am #WorkingOutLoud building out some thinking around Social Movements and the evolution of the Dominant Narrative. That term, the ‘Dominant Narrative’ is one that … Continue reading

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Landmarks of the Social Age #9 – Power

Today i am sharing a section from the new manuscript: a series of views across the landscape of the Social Age. This one concerns Power: this is the re-write that i’ve been working on today. I have one more section … Continue reading

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The Future of Work – The Work of Place

Around the world, both very publicly and quietly in private, Organisations are struggling to figure out what the future of work looks like. It’s a challenge that conflates a number of elements: where will work take place, how will work … Continue reading

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Shifts in Organisational Learning – The Nature of your Strength

One of the innovations that allowed the Apollo spacecraft to journey to the moon was the development of a new generation of gyroscopes that formed part of the inertial navigation system. Essentially they formed part of a system that allowed … Continue reading

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