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The State and Social Change

Change happens at the intersection of systems: sometimes through negotiation, sometimes neglect, sometimes conflict. Today i am #WorkingOutLoud building out some thinking around Social Movements and the evolution of the Dominant Narrative. That term, the ‘Dominant Narrative’ is one that … Continue reading

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Landmarks of the Social Age #9 – Power

Today i am sharing a section from the new manuscript: a series of views across the landscape of the Social Age. This one concerns Power: this is the re-write that i’ve been working on today. I have one more section … Continue reading

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The Future of Work – The Work of Place

Around the world, both very publicly and quietly in private, Organisations are struggling to figure out what the future of work looks like. It’s a challenge that conflates a number of elements: where will work take place, how will work … Continue reading

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Shifts in Organisational Learning – The Nature of your Strength

One of the innovations that allowed the Apollo spacecraft to journey to the moon was the development of a new generation of gyroscopes that formed part of the inertial navigation system. Essentially they formed part of a system that allowed … Continue reading

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Broad Shifts in Organisational Learning – #3 Through The Cracks

I am using a series of posts to explore broad shifts in Organisational Learning (as part of a wider discussion around the evolution of the Organisation itself). I find it increasingly difficult to separate conversations about ‘learning’ from the other … Continue reading

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Broad Shifts in Organisational Learning #2 – Gaps

Our conception of a challenge can frame our response to it: are we adapting within a known framework, or innovating a fundamentally new framework? Essentially a question we should ask is whether it is more efficient and effective to adapt … Continue reading

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Broad Shifts in Organisational Learning

I keep revisiting these ‘broad shifts’ in Organisational Learning, partly in response to my thinking evolving, but largely in search of simplicity. At the most elemental level, what is actually different? This sketch captures three aspects: a move away from … Continue reading

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My Daughter

I write this with my newborn daughter in my arms: our second child. Overwhelmingly grateful to the skilled hands and kind hearts of those that delivered her to us. Everything is both simpler and more complex at the same time: … Continue reading

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Early Stage #WorkingOutLoud on Social Movements and Change

I feel like i am chasing around an idea at the moment, and the work i am sharing today is not an end point, but perhaps an iteration: it is a chance for me to revise some language and explore … Continue reading

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Learning: Goldrush

Sooner or later, someone will strike gold: our Organisational relationship with learning is being mined from many different directions, and one assumes that at some point we will hit the paydirt. What are these directions? We are evolving the TYPE … Continue reading

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