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Using multiple channels of communication in learning. A rich mix of media in formal and informal spaces.

Yesterday, i presented a webinar on mobile strategy. As i was doing it, people were using the chat forum that’s built in to ask questions. We were also using a private chat channel to ensure we kept on time and … Continue reading

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Freedom of speech. Who controls what you say in online learning environments?

I was somewhat taken by surprise this morning by an article on the radio about the discussion of regulation around blogs. There is an active debate in the media about regulation at the moment, with both the printed press and … Continue reading

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Working nine to five? How the notions of work and play have ceased to apply in a networked world.

My office is wherever i’m sat these days. On the train, at home, in a building called ‘work’, on site with clients, occasionally on a plane or (as regular readers know) in many coffee shops. Both geographical and temporal boundaries … Continue reading

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Social learning in the formal space. Combining technology with desire.

We tend to be highly engaged with social media in social spaces. They have a narrative, stream of consciousness feeling to them, often more reportage than considered opinion. The act of authoring and creation is every bit as important as … Continue reading

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Speaking with many voices. Is one Twitter account enough?

I’ve been having a dilemma about Twitter. You see, of all the channels, it’s proving surprisingly popular, and i seem to be gathering followers apace. This is all well and good, but i don’t really have a very clear tone … Continue reading

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The Idle Social Network. Why does communication need to be about anything?

I was floored the other day by the question “why should i engage in a social network?”. On the one hand, i had so many answers that i didn’t know where to start, but on the other, i had no … Continue reading

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Can you actually build an effective online community? Looking beyond the technology to create true learning environments.

I thought i’d start today with a question that i can’t answer. There are two aspects to this question; what do we mean by ‘community’ and what do we mean by ‘effective’. It’s like when you run a race, you … Continue reading

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Virtual Reality. Is there still a difference between the virtual and real experience in learning any more?

There was a time when ‘virtual reality’ sounded exciting, when it contained the promise of spaces where we could leave our physical bodies behind and interact in other worlds in other ways. We dreamt of a time when we could … Continue reading

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Exploring the Twittersphere. The convergence of formal and informal spaces at the Learning Technology Conference.

Some of the most interesting conversations i had at the Learning Technology Conference this week were around social media and, in particular, formal and informal networks. I found the conference to be a particularly useful example of these networks, and … Continue reading

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Who owns you? Identity and Ownership in social networks

Informal Spaces are places that we choose to inhabit, to join other like minded people in a shared and communally owned place. Be it for contacting friends, finding knitting patterns or playing Warhammer, our motivation to be there may be … Continue reading

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