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Nested Structures

Many things stack up: structures, systems, even knowledge and understanding. Perhaps identity itself. Take our social systems: we tend to describe that we know ‘ourself’ (the basic unit of a social system, i guess), and from there we describe one … Continue reading

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How to use ‘The Humble Leader’

I never really set out to write ‘The Humble Leader’ – it just evolved, over a number of years, through individual essays, encounters, research projects and conversations. I never really set out to write ‘The Humble Leader’ – it just … Continue reading

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‘The Humble Leader’ book launches today

My new book, ‘The Humble Leader’ launches today. Through nine chapters it forms an exploration of what humility means, how it is judged, what it gives us, and what is the cost. It’s not a book of theory or models, … Continue reading

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Ideas of Ice

Global warming presents us with the threat of flooding: as the icecaps melt, the water levels rise around the world, with coastal cities facing ruin. The concept is easy enough to understand: as the ice melts, the sea rises, much … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership: Is Kindness A Friction Upon The System?

Part of Social Leadership is a willingness to look inwards: to take our assumptions and explore them from different angles and perspectives. Some of that reflective work we can do ourselves, whilst for other parts, to look into our shadow, … Continue reading

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Loops of Learning

Where possible, we can shift learning from ‘event’ based and into ‘experience’, which can be as simple as shifting focus from the internally self referential activities of a workshop, into the externally moderated activity of our everyday reality. Creating spaces … Continue reading

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Social Leadership: Exploring your Power and Potential

To become a Social Leader is a journey through a landscape, and probably one without end: it is something we strive for, but which constantly changes before us. For example: i have found myself thrashing around over the last few … Continue reading

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Learning Leadership: Understanding Fear, Silence, and Constraint in the Experience

In 2018 i carried out research into Leadership using double sided graffiti walls: on one side, in full view, people illustrated and tagged what ‘leadership’ meant to them. On the back, out of sight, their remit was to deface leadership, … Continue reading

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The Landscape of Curiosity and Mountain of Creativity: Social and Collaborative Learning

Next month i have been asked to run a session on ‘Curiosity and Creativity’ in the design of effective remote learning, which has given me an opportunity to revisit this work and build out some practical design ideas. I’ve decided … Continue reading

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Restless Energy

I find it valuable to remember that our energy is not limitless, nor our direction set. We must constantly course correct and remember that it’s as important to put things down as to pick new things up. I took last … Continue reading

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