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The Leadership Maelstrom

I wrote yesterday about ‘The Nature of Leadership’, which reminded me of several conversations i have had recently within my research community around subjectivity: the way that when we look at something we know and understand well, but do so … Continue reading

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The Nature of Leadership

Leadership is an endemic term, more often used to describe a desired outcome than a specific set of skills or behaviours, and more often describing those things that we like or aspire to than to those that we actually experience, … Continue reading

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Culture Map #2

I’ve redrafted the Culture Map that i shared earlier this week: it’s intended as a reflective tool to allow us to consider how individual action is held within a cultural frame. Broadly it helps us to consider how exposed, or … Continue reading

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Culture Map

Sharing some early stage work today around a Culture Map: it’s a tool to explore the tension between the individual expression of values, with the cultural context that they are expressed within. Essentially a tool to explore the upper and … Continue reading

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Choreography of Learning: Components – Quality – Coherence – Connectedness

Yesterday i shared a context around ‘Choreography of Learning’, and today i will unpack the framework that i shared at the end: to recap, we explored how there has been a general trend from ‘utility’ to ‘experience’, but that the … Continue reading

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Choreography of Learning

This is a mid level #WorkingOutLoud post, as i rework some early ideas around ‘Choreography in Learning’ into a second iteration. The material here probably typifies my approach: chase interesting ideas through research and prototype, and don’t be afraid to … Continue reading

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Aspects of Learning, Rehearsal, and Performance

Yesterday i provided an overview of how a Socially Dynamic Organisation will retain three clearly differentiated spaces, each of which is adequately supported, led, and engaged in, both by formal leadership, and individual members. The ability to hold these spaces … Continue reading

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