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  1. Bev Trayner says:

    Hello Julian, my daughter (Jess) told me she met you on a train and offered to send you info about our workshops. So here is the link (on behalf of Jess):

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  3. Gina says:

    Hi Julian, would it be possible to have a copy of both books, please? If it’s not, my preference is Learning Methodology. Thank you so much. Gina

  4. Hi Julian,
    Could I get a copy of your book on Learning Methodology, please?
    Great thanks in advance.

  5. Andy Kirk says:

    Hi Julian, Very much enjoyed your discussion for the LSG – actually watched a recording of it but still engaging. Felt like I was part of the conversation! Please could you send me a link to your Learning Methodology book mentioned?

  6. Eva Haug says:

    Hi Julian, thanks for that interesting article. I’m interested in your book on Learning methodology. My email: Greetings from Amsterdam!

  7. Leigh Lally says:

    Hi Julian- Wonderful insights and great visuals. I would love a copy of your book on Learning Methodology.
    Cheers, Leigh

  8. Leanne Craigie says:

    Hello Julian,
    I’m very keen on getting a copy of both books Learning Methodology and Exploring the World of Social Learning. I still need to scribble with a real pencil to make it stick in my mind. Love Amsterdam as well – there Sept 2014 and I am plotting to return. Wish I had known about Hutspot!

  9. Mairi Anne Macdonald says:

    Hey Julian could you send me links for both books please? I really like the simplicity of your visuals – great!
    Thanks đŸ˜‰

  10. hcallens says:

    Hi Julian,
    Is your offer for a free copy of your book on Learning Methodology still valid? If so, please tell me how to get a copy. Many thanks in advance!

  11. andreaflorescont says:

    Hi Julian, my name is Andrea Flores a couple of months ago, my classmates from Superior Normal School, along with our teacher Rosy, we started taking your storytelling course and I would like to share the results we obtained, I hope and They serve you for research. I sent you an email with the activities we do greetings.

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