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The role of the storyteller in education. How we use objects and narratives to build coherent histories.

Do you know the difference between a crocodile and an alligator? I was in the Natural History Museum in London at the weekend with some friends, and this was one of the many new things that i learnt. Museum education … Continue reading

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Hasn’t the weather been lovely? The concepts of ‘phatic’ and ‘ideational’ communication and why not everything has to be informative when we write learning materials.

There are two elements to a typical conversation, which are described as ‘phatic’ and ‘ideational’. Put simply, ideational conversation is informative, whilst phatic conversation serves a social function. When you meet up with someone for the first time and mention … Continue reading

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Why do we choose the words we do? Choosing your voice and creating identity in real and online spaces.

What’s in a word? Quite a lot actually. We choose the words that we use in the same way that we choose the clothes we wear and the colour we paint our lounge. Words are powerful, emotive and evocative. Their … Continue reading

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Building a Business Case: Five reasons to use e-learning and why they work

Anyone who knows me well will know that i’m not one for lists, but a number of people have asked me what the main reasons are for using e-learning. In no particular order, here are five reasons and some thoughts … Continue reading

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The day the iPhone died. How downgrading is more painful that anticipated.

Well, at least it’s not hardware failure, just the SIM that’s fried, but for whatever reasons, my iPhone 4 is dead. Not to worry, because my failure to trade in or sell the old one has finally paid off – … Continue reading

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Map reading in online spaces. Understanding how learners explore the web and how to avoid losing them.

We have strategies for navigation. At our earliest age, we are immobile, rolling around, looking at our immediate environment, searching for and finding comfort in familiarity, prisoners of our own frailty. We start to crawl, exploring further, learning to probe … Continue reading

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One Hundred, not out. Reflections on the Learning Blog.

Today, it’s a reflective post, because this is number 100. Since i started the blog on the 1st January, 2011, i’ve managed to achieve what i set out to do and have written every weekday, with the exception of UK … Continue reading

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