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Personal learning networks and learning not to be nervous

Today is LEARNING:500, the event to celebrate the 500th post on the blog. I’m sat in my London hotel room, where i should be working on my presentation, but instead am writing this over a cuppa. I should be nervous, … Continue reading

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Sharing in learning and the vulnerability of sharing: research into music in learning

There is a great generosity of spirit that drives people to share their time and to share the expertise and experience. I’ve started a piece of writing around learning from music and, as part of my research, reached out to … Continue reading

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Exploring Learning Styles: does an understanding of them make us better able to design learning?

The notion of learning styles is interesting: that we can identify different ways that people learn and, through this understanding, design materials and experiences that best suit each of these styles. It’s appealing: an engineering approach that tells us we … Continue reading

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Research Paper: Communication in online spaces – trust and disclosure.

I asked the question “Assuming you are communicating with someone you know, are you more comfortable disclosing personal information online or in person?” This is part of a wider piece of research that i’m working on looking at how relationships … Continue reading

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Relationships in learning: for support, for challenge, for friendship.

Whilst driving yesterday, i was thinking about the nature of relationships. Some of the people in the car i knew well, one i had never met before. With those people who i knew, there was a dialogue based on understanding … Continue reading

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The ease of engagement: how we learn to participate in social learning spaces.

If i say that riding a bike is intuitive, i mean that no conscious thought is needed to do it, that anyone can just pick it up, that no instruction is required. My statement would, of course, be wrong: it … Continue reading

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First dates: exploring the nature of relationships in social learning environments.

I should start by telling you that i’m not going to answer this question today. But i’m working on it. In social learning spaces, online environments that extend and deepen the learning experience, the nature of relationships becomes of increasing … Continue reading

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