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#WorkingOutLoud on Blogging

I’ve been reflecting on the process of Blogging as part of the doctoral programme work. The Blog is really a monologue more so than a conversation. Considered as my external brain, it’s a series of 2,193 separate statements so far, … Continue reading

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10 Ideas for the Future of Work

Hybrid. Return to work. The office. Three two. Two three. Collaboration. Innovation. Culture and Community. Togetherness. The paroxysms of a system in transition. Trying to win yesterdays race. The Pandemic Lockdowns and shift to remote first provided an unparalleled and … Continue reading

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Future of Work: Options – Questions

I am not alone in saying that train and plane time is valuable, but in two flavours. The train that i am currently on has no WiFi of any use, and no real phone signal, so it’s enforced ‘offline time’. … Continue reading

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Government – Society – Organisation: Evolution

This is very early stage #WorkingOutLoud – a piece, considering the taxonomy of social systems and evolving structures of society in the broadest context of the Social Age. We tend to understand society in terms of fixed structures and the … Continue reading

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The Familiar and the Strange

I was talking with two friends yesterday: one at home, one in the office. One had the bare plaster walls, curtain-less windows, obligatory view of an office block, and poor lighting. The other had bookshelves stacked with mementos and favourite … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on Future of Work

I was asked at short notice to cover a conference keynote today, and used the opportunity to pull together some of the divergent threads of my own work exploring the Future of Work. Most of this work is based upon … Continue reading

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The Great De-Construction of Work (and Place)

The start of the construction of the future of work may be to take everything apart: the great lesson of the Pandemic is the one least learned: that everything (and anything) are possible. That our truths are simply beliefs. That … Continue reading

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The Delusion of Productivity

I have come to realise that many of the supposed mechanisms of productivity and connection provided to me through technology are, in fact, the opposite. I fear that the suites of tools and features that allow me to work from … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on ’Radical Explorations of the Future of Work’

I’ve used this year of writing to explore quite a broad range of ideas, and given myself permission not to find structure and coherence as i go – so instead of ending up with a neatly categorised set of articles … Continue reading

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Why we Work – Reflections on the Future of Work

What is ‘work’, and why do we do it? The contemporary conversation about ‘the workplace’, in terms of the geography of work, and the social dynamics of collaboration, and the impacts of technology, against a backdrop of 18 months of … Continue reading

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