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#WorkingOutLoud on Kindness

I am working on the design of the second week of the Quiet Leadership journey, which considers ‘kindness’. I have written about kindness quite frequently before, but this is my first attempt to consider it in a deliberately developmental way: … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership: The Organisation as Ecosystem

Today i am #WorkingOutLoud to share more of the emerging illustrations from the Quiet Leadership work: this one explores the ‘Organisation as Ecosystem’, a theme i have circled around from a number of directions in my broader work, but which … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership: A View of Humility

Humility is a judgement on our actions, not a badge that we can claim, and by that nature it is a hard thing to seek: if we ‘try’ to be humble to be more successful, we may be deemed to … Continue reading

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Which Self Do You Bring To The Community?

This week i am building out the work around Communities, exploring how we join them, build them, or are excluded from them. When we join a Community, we bring our ‘self’ into that space. But which ‘self’ do we bring? … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership: Degrading our Ecosystem

Every day, through small actions, we both enhance, and degrade, the ecosystem that we exist within: in the work on Quiet Leadership i consider the Organisation itself as an ecosystem, a forest, filled with trees and shrubs, streams and rivers, … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership: Things That We Give, Things That We Take

I am #WorkingOutLoud as i develop the writing around Quiet Leadership: an exploration of gentle actions that draw strength into our systems. Today i am considering the Organisation as an Ecosystem, and that in each day we take some things … Continue reading

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Communities Have Gates

Just #WorkingOutLoud today to share some of the new illustrations around the Community Builder work. This work builds of that which i have previously published in the Community Guidebook. In this new iteration, i consider what we build our Communities … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership – Invitation to Participate in 2021

I am about to start prototyping the new Quiet Leadership programme: i hope to run two full cohorts through before Christmas, on two different timezones. This work is experimental: a guided and reflective journey into leadership beyond heroes. It explores … Continue reading

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Learning 2020 – Glossary [Pt 3]

Over the last couple of weeks i have shared the first two parts of a Glossary of central ideas around Learning Transformation. These run alongside the recent Learning Transformation Maps that i have been drawing. The Glossary covers one paragraph … Continue reading

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Prototyping Quiet Leadership

Over the last several months i have been sharing some new work around Quiet Leadership: it’s about our individual actions and mindset, and the ways that we weave strength into the social system. It’s a view of leadership beyond heroes: … Continue reading

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