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#WorkingOutLoud on the Culture Explorer Programme

Today i am just #WorkingOutLoud as i start to wrap up development of the new Culture Explorer work. I’ve run three full prototypes of this new programme, and as is typical at this stage, have cycled through about sixty percent … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on Identity

Tomorrow i will publish the latest Identity Story over on the Identity Project site: this will be the seventh story published, and i have conducted a further nine interviews, which i am writing up. So far i’ve spent around 55 … Continue reading

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These Are Me: Identity Stories

I’ve finished writing up the first two Identity Stories from the new research project. Both are quite different, and already fascinating. In this work i ask people to describe the three identities that are most central to their ‘self’ (all … Continue reading

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The Stories We Hide

We grow out of stories: the ones gifted to us by our family, or imposed upon us by society. These stories shape us, and sometimes we celebrate them, or choose to leave them behind. In many ways we are nothing … Continue reading

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We Shelter in Stories

In large part we understand the world around us through stories: we grow through stories (the stories of our family, our community, our culture), whilst creating our own story (our identities, our reputation), and subscribing to stories (religion, politics, organisations). … Continue reading

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Lost in the Story

A thing i love about being a father is bedtime stories: we choose a book (or two…) from the shelf and settle in, with a favourite teddy, to read together. We have special seats to do this in, special cushions … Continue reading

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Trapped in Stories

This week i am #WorkingOutLoud developing my work around Storytelling: today, some thoughts around how we are trapped in stories. How they may limit our thought, our action, even our identity and space of operation. This is not a negative … Continue reading

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Message [Not] Received

As part of my current work around Culture, i find myself revisiting some of my earliest work around Storytelling, seeking to understand how the Dominant Narratives of our cultures are formed, and shared between us, and why it is sometimes … Continue reading

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How Stories Collide

As social creatures, we communicate in stories: small and safe ones to establish commonality, membership, and trust, and bigger, more complex ones, to share ideas, or in service of finding new meaning. But stories are not like bricks: when you … Continue reading

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Cultural Graffiti: A 5 Day Experiment – Day 2 – Curation

Throughout this week i am sharing my latest ‘5 Day Experiment’, a structured way to explore a topic within your own Organisation. This one is about ‘Cultural Graffiti’. Feel free to share your results in the comments, on Twitter, or … Continue reading

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