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Curiosity – My 1st 100 Days – Day 3 – Mindset or Behaviour?

Day 3: Mindset or Behaviour? If you are curious, is it because you are thinking about things, or doing things? Is curiosity a cerebral exercise that takes place within your head, or is it an activity that you do? If … Continue reading

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Curiosity – My 1st 100 Days – Day 2

Day 2: Discover, Uncover, Create Imagine the ways that we are curious. We can reach out and DISCOVER something: perhaps we watch a YouTube video, or read a book or blog and learn something new. We can UNCOVER more details … Continue reading

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Curiosity – My 1st 100 Days – Day 1

Day 1: The Edges of My Curiosity Curiosity is that which exists beyond what we already know. Behind the forest, beyond the mountains, under the surface of the lake. It may be connected to what we are familiar with, but … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on ‘Belief’ in Leadership

I’ve started exploring the second phase of work exploring the role and nature of ‘belief’ within Organisations, relating to leadership and engagement. At this stage i am running a series of phases, each of which will prototype a short set … Continue reading

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Aspects of the Social Age: Algorithmic Wars

Today i am #WorkingOutLoud sharing the second full draft of the chapter on ‘Algorithmic Wars’ from ‘The Social Age Guidebook’. I feel this second draft is stronger, but still needs work. Humans are pattern recognition machines, so it’s ironic that … Continue reading

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Aspects of the Social Age: Technology and Geography

The Social Age is premised upon a number of central changes that impact everything else: one of these is the evolution of technology, and the other the diminution of geography. Specifically relating to technology, it’s the shift from central ownership, … Continue reading

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Landmarks of the Social Age #3 – Community

As part of #WorkingOutLoud, I’m sharing a new draft of the chapter on ‘Community’ from the upcoming Social Age Guidebook. I position the ‘Social’ Age as being built upon the foundations of the ‘Digital’ one. Not in any sense to … Continue reading

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Humility in the Storm of Leadership

Humility is a much admired Leadership trait, but perhaps something awarded more as judgement on our actions than a specific skill or behaviour that you or i can learn: it’s experienced through our impact on others, and the way that … Continue reading

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Loops of Learning

Where possible, we can shift learning from ‘event’ based and into ‘experience’, which can be as simple as shifting focus from the internally self referential activities of a workshop, into the externally moderated activity of our everyday reality. Creating spaces … Continue reading

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But what if the Future is Terribly Messy?

The future is bright, or so we are told: we strive to transform our Organisations, to unlock new potential, to achieve great things. But what if all we do is make a mess? The challenge may come because we come … Continue reading

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