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A week of writing: Day 5 – exploring and getting lost

My fifth day of writing led me to complete the section on ‘exploring’. Exploration is the third stage of the learning methodology, sitting after ‘Context’ and ‘Demonstration’, and it’s where we get to play with what we are looking at. … Continue reading

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A week of writing: Day 4 – Playing

Yesterday was harder to write: three days in and i’m feeling a weight of words building up and some pressure to keep up the momentum. On the plus side, having such an uninterrupted period to write has made me feel … Continue reading

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A week of writing: Day 3 – Lego

Yesterday ran in fits and starts. The morning was easy, charging through a section on the role of the guide in learning, but from there it got harder. Whilst i was putting words down, it started to feel unstructured, rambling, … Continue reading

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A week of writing: Day 2 – Skills for life and skills from life

The rain helped, offering me fewer distractions. The writing went well: i completed my first five thousand words. Interestingly, they came in three bursts. The first in the morning, over coffee, the second early afternoon and the final one later … Continue reading

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A week of writing: Day 1 – reflection

I am sat in a small fishing loft, looking out over the harbour down at Fowey. Perhaps i should say ‘i am sat in what used to be a small fishing loft’, as now it’s a minimalist, wooden floored, white … Continue reading

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Who owns leadership? Reflecting on where leadership sits

Does leadership come from above or within? Who is responsible for driving a group of people forwards? Who sets strategy and direction and who follows? Leadership is a complex things, more than just giving direction, more than just following. Maybe … Continue reading

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Missing the point of mobile learning: why now is the time to take chances

The fact is that i rarely read documents on my mobile phone. Why? Because it’s too small. It’s not really the right platform for the job. I do it when i need to do it, but it’s not my preference. … Continue reading

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