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10 Ways To Become A [Bad] Learning Scientist

So far, in our work towards the Learning Science book, Sae, Geoff, and I have written some thoughtful articles about complex ideas like Learning Ecosystems, Social Metacognition, and even the Nature of Knowledge itself. We’ve tried to provide a thoughtful, … Continue reading

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Generative AI and the Potential for (Anti) Social Learning

As ChatGPT and it’s comrades take the world by storm, amazing and delighting us with their natural language and peculiar quirks, it is no surprise that both hype, and hyperbole are ripe, alongside opportunism and marketing. But make no mistake, … Continue reading

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Art Not Art #3 – Power

This is the third in a series of #WorkingOutLoud posts considering the evolution of art in the age of the Art Engines: the disruptive technologies of AI generation and concomitant debates about creativity, value, and purpose. In this work i … Continue reading

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Art Not Art

Berlin is a city of graffiti: you do not have to walk far to find something scrawled, painted, or posted upon the wall. By a human hand. It’s easy to come down on the wrong side of a debate: bound … Continue reading

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Innovation: Synthesis and Elemental

This is the latest in a series of fragmentary pieces as i build vocabulary and ideas around Innovation. As such it is not intended as complete work, but rather the pieces which may inform later (and possibly complete!) work. Part … Continue reading

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Innovation at the Edges

Not everything happens at the centre, in those spaces that we know well, control fully, and feel comfortable within. Innovation may happen in the friction, through the cracks, at the edges. Synthesis, connection, discovery: application, iteration, evolution. The fracturing of … Continue reading

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Curiosity – My 1st 100 Days – Day 2

Day 2: Discover, Uncover, Create Imagine the ways that we are curious. We can reach out and DISCOVER something: perhaps we watch a YouTube video, or read a book or blog and learn something new. We can UNCOVER more details … Continue reading

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Breaking Yourself

Today i’m just sharing an illustration for the work around Curiosity and Creativity in Learning Design. This one is about the foundations of learning, and an idea i sometimes talk about around ‘disturbance’: the ways that learning is a process … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on Curiosity and Creativity

Curiosity is about the view over the horizon: not the landscape that we already know, but the things that lie beyond. Curiosity creates the disturbance in ourselves to move forward. Curiosity fractures comfort, and sanctions the subversion of existing knowledge … Continue reading

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The Landscape of Curiosity and Mountain of Creativity: Social and Collaborative Learning

Next month i have been asked to run a session on ‘Curiosity and Creativity’ in the design of effective remote learning, which has given me an opportunity to revisit this work and build out some practical design ideas. I’ve decided … Continue reading

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