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An e-learning methodology in 5 stages. Step 1: Context

We learn in a multitude of ways, through formal learning encounters, through social situations, through problem solving and through adversity. Sometimes we learn specific skills, sometimes knowledge, sometimes we just learn a state of mind or a framework for problem … Continue reading

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Learning to play the ukelele. Theory, Practice and Rock and Roll in learning.

Yesterday, i bought a ukelele. My logic behind this was clear; i can play the guitar to a tolerable level. It has taken me years. The banjo i’ve had for six months and can get a few songs out of. … Continue reading

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What makes a good design? Considering the relationship between Functional, Graphic and Learning design.

What makes a good design? Hard to say really. I know what i like and i know what i don’t, but it’s not always easy to quantify the difference between the two. Working on the design for a new ‘learning … Continue reading

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How to run a Webinar. Notes on the adoption of Broadcast Learning.

I took part in my first pure ‘broadcast’ webinar yesterday. This was a presentation where three speakers covered the subject of eMentoring for forty minutes, then opened the session up to questions. I’ve used the software extensively before, but only … Continue reading

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Painless, not seamless. A pragmatic view of technology in online learning (and the importance of Tea and Socks)

You don’t have to get things totally right, but you have to avoid it being painfully wrong. At least, that’s my view of technology in online learning. Pragmatists will win the day, because online activity, whether it be retail, genealogy … Continue reading

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How to draw faces: an experiment in learning.

I’ve been thinking about learning something new, but wondering how long it’s going to take. Some things, like learning to use a new bit of software, are pretty quick, or at least, pretty quick to become reasonably competent at, but … Continue reading

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The Improtance of Spelling

Does spelling matter? If i get a cv with a typo in it, i’m  likely to reject it out of hand. It’s not the fact that the person doesn’t know how to spell, it’s the fact that they haven’t proofed … Continue reading

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‘Lend me another pencil’ OR ‘How i got my first Number One hit and realised i was no better than anyone else’.

Yesterday, I noticed that someone had arrived on this blog by Googling the term ‘lend me a pencil’. This surprised me a little, as this is a blog about learning, with a slant towards technology. Not a great deal on … Continue reading

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Group dynamics in learning situations. How the mood of a group can change and how this can affect overall attitudes and success.

Understanding the dynamics of groups is like sailing. It’s predictable to an extent, generally manageable, occasionally becalmed with the chance of sudden devastating storms. As with sailing, you usually know where you want to get to, but the route can … Continue reading

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Who doesn’t want to speak to me? Methods for engaging with the disengaged in online communities.

Working with groups online is hard work. Some people want to engage fully, others are apparently disinterested or won’t engage at all. This is often particularly evident in Forums or community spaces, where a small part of the population tend … Continue reading

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