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10 Ideas for the Future of Work

Hybrid. Return to work. The office. Three two. Two three. Collaboration. Innovation. Culture and Community. Togetherness. The paroxysms of a system in transition. Trying to win yesterdays race. The Pandemic Lockdowns and shift to remote first provided an unparalleled and … Continue reading

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Evolution of Structure in the Learning Organisation [Pt 1]

In the introduction to the Learning Science book, i’ve been playing with language around structure. It’s partly a context setting piece: as the nature of knowledge changes, as learning technologies innovate and mature, and as the social context of work … Continue reading

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Intent into Effect

Organisations are entities of effect: that is their purpose, and their design. To achieve something defined, be it an act of manufacturing, invention, or change. What they do, and how they do it, is widely differentiated. But at heart, when … Continue reading

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Inventing The Building Blocks

This is one of a series of pieces considering how we evolve our Organisations from the legacy Domain basis (structural and segmented), through to a more dynamic and interconnected one: it’s built upon the work first shared in ‘The Socially … Continue reading

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System and Structure

I grew up in an old city: the Roman military foundations overwritten by Medieval commerce and power. Most of the medieval city wall still stand, as well as the motte (the mound) upon which the castle stood. And dominating the … Continue reading

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Bending or Breaking

The storms this week have reminded me of a conversation many years ago, as i was stood in a Big Top tend during a gale. The central pole was bending and creaking, and i was quite concerned about the danger, … Continue reading

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Free eBook – ‘The Socially Dynamic Organisation: A New Model of Organisational Design’

My new book launches today. ‘The Socially Dynamic Organisation: A New Model of Organisational Design’ is the sixth in my series of Social Age Guidebooks, and is available as a free eBook, or from mid August will be on Amazon … Continue reading

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Complexity and Belief

This is a #WorkingOutLoud post exploring complexity, and the role of belief: it relates to several broader strands of work that explore the social structure of Organisations, and the mechanisms of change. At heart, Organisations are made up of components, … Continue reading

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The Nature of Leadership

Leadership is an endemic term, more often used to describe a desired outcome than a specific set of skills or behaviours, and more often describing those things that we like or aspire to than to those that we actually experience, … Continue reading

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Learning, Rehearsal, and Performance

When building the Socially Dynamic Organisation, we must ensure we have clarity on three spaces, and the respective leadership and individual behaviours to make them effective. Learning spaces, Rehearsal spaces, and Performance ones. Learning as an act of curiosity and … Continue reading

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