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Sociology, not technology

The Social Age sees us connecting, sharing, working and leading in online spaces. But it’s a mistake to think that the real change is in the technology. It’s not: it’s about the sociology. The technology deals transactionally: it can make … Continue reading

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Reflections from Learning Technology conference 2015: Day 2

Community: surrounds and supports us. It’s ‘sense making‘, both through challenge, reflection and the import of new ideas. When we share values and purpose, the two foundation stones, we are made more effective through being more connected. The medium is … Continue reading

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Reflections from Learning Technology conference 2015: Day 1

Technology may facilitate great learning, but it’s not the end in itself. What makes great learning is simple: make it great. Understand how people learn: design the learning to match that. Work with how we learn, don’t make us learn … Continue reading

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Styles of Storytelling

I’ve been running a workshop all day today, touching on storytelling in learning. I just wanted to capture some of the elements that i covered. We looked at approaches to storytelling and thought about how the stance and style affects … Continue reading

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Democratised voices: the intent of graffiti

There are classes of voice: levels of authenticity and volume. From formal, highly produced, vetted, authorised, famous, sanctioned and pervasive through to the suppressed, denied, desperate rants scratched in wood and walls. The voices that shout beside railway tracks, festoon … Continue reading

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Performance Support in the Social Age: sharing an extract

I’m writing a new book this week, about ‘Learning and Living in the Social Age‘. That’s the provisional title… regular visitors will know i like to #WorkOutLoud, so i share sections as i write instead of doing a dedicated blog … Continue reading

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Sharing extract from the new book: ‘Working & learning in the Social Age’

Chapter 3: “Performance Support in the Social Age” I’m writing all this week, developing a new book, which has the provisional title “Working and Learning in the Social Age“. As usual, I’m #WorkingOutLoud and sharing some extracts as I go. … Continue reading

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