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Getting better, getting worse. The cycle of learning and teaching.

Something struck me this weekend, about how to get worse at something gracefully. When we are young, we tend to try to perfect things. To be better, faster, stronger, but this is a path that cannot last forever. As we … Continue reading

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Generations. Challenges and opportunities for social learning across diverse populations within business.

The Silver Surfer is an idea that appeals to the media as people from older generations are adopting social technology to their needs. But it’s a dangerous notion that’s based on the assumptions that older people are inherently behind the … Continue reading

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Google or Grandad? Older and wiser? The informal mentoring inherent with age.

The young are impetuous, inexperienced, headstrong and determined. As we get older, we are wiser, more considered, more experienced and battle scared, more sensible. Or maybe not… There’s an inherent assumption in society that as we get older, we have … Continue reading

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