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The rise of battery angst. The era of technological dependency and plug hopping.

I seem to have slipped into a kind of obsessive behaviour. Like some kind of furtive, feral creature, i spend my days lurching from socket to socket in search of the elusive ‘fully charged’ mantra. The summer months, spent roaming … Continue reading

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Learning by doing OR why to climb the mountain one step at a time.

Just back from a great music festival organised by one of my best friends. Lots of great bands, friends, music and a lovely site on a farm in Dorset ( All in all, great fun, but quite an epic task … Continue reading

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For the love of it. Not all learning has to have a reason.

Some things we do for money and some for love. it’s the same with learning: some things we learn because we have to, whilst others we learn for the love of learning. Organisations often focus on making people learn the … Continue reading

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How long does it take to learn? Why the duration of e-learning may be less important than we think.

Learning solutions are often measured in time. Forty five minutes of learning, five minute learning bursts, an eighteen month course, but how relevant is it? Is time a good indicator of learning? The likelihood is not, that the figures relate … Continue reading

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Generations. Challenges and opportunities for social learning across diverse populations within business.

The Silver Surfer is an idea that appeals to the media as people from older generations are adopting social technology to their needs. But it’s a dangerous notion that’s based on the assumptions that older people are inherently behind the … Continue reading

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Less bean bags and no suits. The creative collaborative environment.

Recently i spent a day at a business incubator in Cambridge, meeting the start up technology businesses and finding out how they collaborate. It was a great environment, glass and steel, deck chairs on the roof, coffee and muffins. Today … Continue reading

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What’s in it for me? Considering the learning contract.

When i’m creating a learning solution, i’m trying to contract with the learner: give me some of your time and i’ll give you something in return. Broadly speaking, both things need to be of similar value – the time and … Continue reading

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