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Everything Has Changed: Joining the Dots of the Social Age

I get glimpses sometimes: the way things fit together, the ways that they relate to each other, but the picture is far from clear. It’s about change, about the interrelationship between things, the greater connectivity, the influences and impacts. It’s … Continue reading

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Future Trends and Innovations in Learning

I’ve been working with a group of HR professionals today, facilitating a session around ‘Future Trends and Innovations in Learning’. As part of my #WorkingOutLoud, i share seven of the ideas generated by the group. Interestingly, i wouldn’t have chosen … Continue reading

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Learning Technology Map 2016

Technology itself is simply the most visible manifestation of change: rapidly iterating, innovating and evolving. It’s changing every aspect of how we learn, how we work, how we lead, how we connect, control and play. Each year, i map what … Continue reading

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Are You Adapted?

The challenges of the Social Age require not targeted solutions, but rather holistic change: change in mindset, changes in technology, changes to how we work, new models of leadership, an evolution of learning, a permission to innovate, a relinquishing of … Continue reading

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CIPD Conference 2015: Architecting Redundancy

I’m not sure whether the nervous laughter in the group was because i’d asked some embarrassing questions, or because they were embarrassed about the answers. The question? “What’s the point of HR?“, “Will HR exist in five years?“, “Will you … Continue reading

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The Leadership We Need

What got us to this point may not get us to the next: leadership in the Social Age will be different from that of the Knowledge one. Key facets of the Social Leader are humility, fairness, collaboration, an understanding of … Continue reading

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Anchored in the Past, or Invested in the Future?

People resist change for good reason: change is uncertain, change is threatening and, when push comes to shove, we’re invested in the present. Once we nest into a role, we build our empires: our physical spaces, our habits and routines, … Continue reading

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