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‘The Humble Leader’ book on Kickstarter

There are just three days left to support my new book, ‘The Humble Leader’ over on Kickstarter: this is a guided reflection in Social Leadership, considering the role of humility in our practice. It’s a small and beautiful hard back … Continue reading

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‘The Humble Leader’ book launches today

My new book, ‘The Humble Leader’ launches today. Through nine chapters it forms an exploration of what humility means, how it is judged, what it gives us, and what is the cost. It’s not a book of theory or models, … Continue reading

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Countdown to ’The Humble Leader’

Yesterday i hit the confirmation button to move to print for ‘The Humble Leader’, with mixed emotions. I love this book and have spent quite some time on the production to ensure that it’s a beautiful artefact in it’s own … Continue reading

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Illustrating ‘Power and Potential’

Yesterday was a rather unsatisfactory day, my first working on illustrations for ‘Social Leadership: Power and Potential’. This is not uncommon: illustrating a book is a little like finding a voice in that sometimes you have to search around a … Continue reading

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Our lives are marked out by milestones: birthdays and graduations, anniversaries and seasons. Chapter markers on the journey. I find myself at one of these milestones: not a birth or death, not an age related or educational one. But a … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on ‘The Experimental Organisation’ – Frames

This is one of a series of posts as i build out an initial framework for the book on ‘The Experimental Organisation’. In this piece i explore the question of ‘where’ we experiment, and introduce the idea of three spaces: … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on The Experimental Organisation

With ‘The Quiet Leadership Guidebook’ and ‘The Humble Leader’ books both in production, my main writing focus now turns to the interviews for ‘The Experimental Organisation’. In this work i will be exploring how Organisations learn to change: specifically, how, … Continue reading

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The Humble Leader

Today i completed the manuscript for ‘The Humble Leader’, a reflection on humility in Social Leadership. It’s structured as a series of standalone pieces, each of which consists a personal reflection, and some questions to ask of ourselves or others. … Continue reading

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Research and Writing for 2021

I have an ambitious programme of research and writing for 2021: ‘The Social Age Guidebook’ is high on the agenda (last year i worked through all ten main sections, and now all that remains is to rewrite the final five), … Continue reading

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Free eBook – ‘The Socially Dynamic Organisation: A New Model of Organisational Design’

My new book launches today. ‘The Socially Dynamic Organisation: A New Model of Organisational Design’ is the sixth in my series of Social Age Guidebooks, and is available as a free eBook, or from mid August will be on Amazon … Continue reading

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