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Learning Fragments: evolving thoughts on learning

Over the last four months i’ve been playing with a new space, dedicated specifically to fragments of thought around my core work on social and collaborative learning. It’s a video blog (of a vlog, if you’re in the know) sharing … Continue reading

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#LearningFragments – The Staircase of Certainty

Most of the things i truly believe today i believe with a certainty. Sometimes a righteous one. Sometimes an indignant one. And yet they are not always the things that i was certain about yesterday. There is a naive temptation … Continue reading

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The Risk of Comfort

I feel the pervasive risk of my own comfort: in my ideas, reputation, and work. I feel, to a degree, that i have it all under control. Occasionally i say things that people mistake for wisdom. At times, i even … Continue reading

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Radical Interpretations: The Learning Economy

My new publishing project is called ‘Radical Interpretations’, and will contain a series of ‘imagined futures’. The intention is to curate a collection of essays, artwork, conversations and ideas with a 3-5 year future focus, but unconstrained by practical implementation. … Continue reading

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Extending Capability

I had dinner with a friend last night, a climber, who described how her group would use a drone to scout out new climbing routes. They would use the drone to extend their capability: after trekking through snow, through undergrowth, … Continue reading

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The world is changing, yet again. It’s almost like it turns in circles. We have started to convene, back within ‘real’ spaces for ‘real’ conversations. And yet i do not want comfort. When we come together i do not want … Continue reading

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Organisational Learning – Broad Shifts

How much value ‘Organisational Learning’ provides to an Organisation is an open question: not in terms of measuring activity, expenditure, or time, but impact (and notably whether there is a relationship between impact and the complexity of the systems that … Continue reading

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Death of the University: Exploring the Bastions of Quality

That nothing persists should be the foundation of our thinking: not nations nor mountains, beliefs nor blossoms. Everything that is built will erode and fail. Whilst the mechanisms of judgement may range from the erosive quality of sand and wind … Continue reading

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Reflecting upon the Learning Fragments

A couple of weeks ago i put the Learning Fragments site live: it’s the second phase of my work to reexamine my own work around learning. I’ve spent the last 18 months or so revisiting core ideas, not simply to … Continue reading

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Learning Fragments

Sharing some very early stage and imperfect work today: i’ve created a site to hold the Learning Fragments work. If you have been following this thread, over the last eighteen months or so i have been delving back into some … Continue reading

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