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Death of the University: Exploring the Bastions of Quality

That nothing persists should be the foundation of our thinking: not nations nor mountains, beliefs nor blossoms. Everything that is built will erode and fail. Whilst the mechanisms of judgement may range from the erosive quality of sand and wind … Continue reading

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But is it any good? Creating e-learning that’s effective and engaging at the same time.

Creating a successful learning experience is not as easy as you might hope. It’s easy to create something that ticks all the boxes in terms of covering key learning, but which is as dull as ditchwater. Similarly, you can create … Continue reading

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Origami and attention to detail. Why beautiful things are created by remarkable people. Like you.

I found this site via Chris Atherton (@finiteattention on Twitter), a User Experience expert who happens to have a great eye for detail: http://www.myowlbarn.com/2011/09/dinh-truong-giang-origami.html It’s not a site about technology, or learning. It’s a site about something beautiful, created by … Continue reading

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