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My Practice

My work is held in a principle of #WorkingOutLoud, whereby i share my evolving thinking as i travel. It’s reflective practice and in this work some ideas solidify, whilst others remain nebulous, or fail. There is an archaeology and architecture … Continue reading

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A Song of Love

I sang to my daughter this weekend, for the very first time in her life. I held her in my arms and she just fixed her eyes on mine and listened. But it took me nine months to get to … Continue reading

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Shadows of Thought

I was searching for an image yesterday: i could see it in my head, and knew roughly when i’d drawn it, but could not quite find it. My keyword searches through the blog brought up a succession of progressively older … Continue reading

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Small steps make progress: writing is one way to document the journey. To take ideas, to work and rework them. To find vocabulary and evolve it. Sometimes to make up words, or make words work differently. To write is to … Continue reading

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Countdown to ’The Humble Leader’

Yesterday i hit the confirmation button to move to print for ‘The Humble Leader’, with mixed emotions. I love this book and have spent quite some time on the production to ensure that it’s a beautiful artefact in it’s own … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on ’Radical Explorations of the Future of Work’

I’ve used this year of writing to explore quite a broad range of ideas, and given myself permission not to find structure and coherence as i go – so instead of ending up with a neatly categorised set of articles … Continue reading

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This is my 2,000th blog post and, appropriately enough, i’m writing it in a coffee shop. The practice of #WorkingOutLoud sits at the heart of my writing: carrying out research, trying to connect dots, sketching out possible ideas, and sharing … Continue reading

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This week i have launched a new Social Leadership Daily publication on SubStack as my first subscription service. It’s an exploration of new modes of publishing and tentatively forms a sequel to my book on ‘Social Leadership: My 1st 100 … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on ‘The Experimental Organisation’ – Draft Structure

In the early stages of writing, i like to create a more visual map of the book: this is ‘behind the scenes’ really, to help me identify the core narrative, and ensure i do not miss out anything obvious! The … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership: One Subject, Two Books

This summer i am publishing two books in parallel: ‘Quiet Leadership’ and ‘The Humble Leader’. Both explore the same topic, but through two different mechanisms, and this week both have moved into production, which is an exciting time! Quiet Leadership … Continue reading

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