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#LearningScience – The Hardware and Software

Just #WorkingOutLoud today with an illustration for the next section of the Learning Science book that i’m working on with Sae and Geoff. Earlier we described how Learning Science techniques and tools can be considered in five categories: [1] How … Continue reading

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Illustrating ‘Exploring’

Yesterday i shared a section from my auto-ethnographic work on ‘being an explorer’. I really rather enjoyed throwing myself into this, and today i’m illustrating the chapter. I wanted to make a physical illustration to go with it, and have … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on Culture

I’ve been working on illustrations for the new Culture Explorer Programme that kicks off this week: this work is really about interconnection and practice, considering what culture is, how it forms (through stories and an understanding of power), and how … Continue reading

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Radical Interpretations: Find Your Voice

Through this second half of the year i’m editing a collection of work that will publish as ‘Radical Interpretations’ magazine – a series of imagined futures. I’m currently looking for both established and emergent voices with a vision to share: … Continue reading

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We Grow Out Of Stories

For the remainder of this month i am building out a body of work around Storytelling in Social Leadership, exploring four key aspects: first ‘The Roots of Story’, exploring how we are surrounded by them, secondly ‘Sheltering in Stories’, which … Continue reading

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Illustrating ’Power and Potential’

I’m racing through some illustrations for the Enquiry Framework around ‘Power and Potential’ today: these are deliberately sketched as i anticipate this work itself iterating rapidly. The ‘theme’ is the weather – ever present, sometimes battering us, sometimes keeping us … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on the Social Age Map

Today i am #WorkingOutLoud to share the new map of the Social Age, an illustration for the ‘Social Age Guidebook’ that i am working to complete. I’m still working on this to add in the details. Strictly speaking this is … Continue reading

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Illustrating ‘The Humble Leader’

I have the luxury this week of time to spend illustrating the next book: ‘The Humble Leader’ [working title] is an exploration of humility in leadership. It forms a guided, reflective space. I have known from the start that i … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud Illustrating Humility

I have been prevaricating around the illustrations for ‘The Humble Leader’ book, which is delaying the project. I am trying to do eleven lino prints for it, but they are time consuming, and i am not that good at it, … Continue reading

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Finding your Campfire: Creating your Space

This is an extract from the work i will be sharing this week as part of the ‘Finding your Campfire’ series of webinars. This is new work, pulled together over the last few days, as a free offering to any … Continue reading

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