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A methodology for learning. Part 7 – Footsteps

As we explore the final stage of my learning methodology, we leave the formal learning and move back into the everyday world. Footsteps is about how we transition from the abstract to the concrete, about how we support performance and … Continue reading

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Building a ‘Results Logbook’: an alternative view of the footsteps we take out of learning.

We often build ‘activity plans‘ to take out of a piece of learning: it’s a way of capturing actions that we hope will drive us to change behaviours. Sometimes, with sufficient motivation and coaching, it works! But a different approach … Continue reading

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Taking footsteps out of learning. What to do next?

I’m balanced in that precarious place where i feel inspired and energised by the learning and relationships that i forged at the conference last week, but am running up against the familiar friction of being ‘back at work’. It’s always … Continue reading

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The time it takes to learn. How small steps cover long journeys.

No matter how good the design of the materials, some things just take a long time to learn. Learning is an incremental process and, whilst it may have a start point, it doesn’t always have an obvious end. Some things … Continue reading

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An e-learning methodology in 5 stages. Step 5: Footsteps

In this series of five articles, i’m exploring a methodology for e-learning: Context, Demonstration, Exploration, Reflection and Footsteps. In this final article, we examine Footsteps, the path that learners take out of the learning as they take what has been … Continue reading

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Inspiration and Motivation in Learning – can you really be bothered?

At the end of a piece of learning, we often have a call to arms. What are you going to differently tomorrow from what you did today? What footsteps are you going to take as you leave the learning behind … Continue reading

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