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Googling the answer. How easy access to knowledge may be at the expense of analytical ability.

You used to have to remember when the Battle of Hastings was and your twelve times table. Today, there’s Wikipedia and your mobile phone. It’s not just the way that we learn that is changing, it’s what we learn and … Continue reading

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Exploring the Twittersphere. The convergence of formal and informal spaces at the Learning Technology Conference.

Some of the most interesting conversations i had at the Learning Technology Conference this week were around social media and, in particular, formal and informal networks. I found the conference to be a particularly useful example of these networks, and … Continue reading

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Selling snake oil. Why sometimes a little bit of common sense is worth any number of weak theories.

At the Learning Technology Conference this week and struck by the mix of glorious innovation and plain old fashioned nonsense. It’s incredible the credibility that people attach to something if it’s written on a wall, stuck in a glossy brochure … Continue reading

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Small can be beautiful. Why short, powerful stories can be more effective than novels in learning.

Stories sit at the heart of communication; building rapport and empathy, creating and sharing schemas of shared understanding, imparting knowledge in a structured and predictable way. Stories can be long or short, good or bad, but they are familiar and … Continue reading

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Lend me a pencil. The levelling nature of technology and it’s applications in learning.

Technology is very much on my mind this week as we’re exhibiting at the Learning Technology event in London, but the transient nature of the beast was bought to my attention yesterday when one of my colleagues said ‘i don’t … Continue reading

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Ten percent of the way. Reflections on motivation and learning from the blog so far.

This is my twentieth article on the blog and my first targeted milestone. When I set out this year to try and capture some thoughts and ideas about Learning, i set myself some goals. I wanted to spend an hour … Continue reading

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Who says i’m incompetent? Questioning the relevance of performance review in an interconnected age

Businesses face a challenge of determining what makes a person ‘competent’ in role. They often do this through a process of Performance Review. Very much in vogue are competency frameworks, a reductionist approach that effectively produces a series of measures … Continue reading

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