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Quiet Leadership: Every Day

This week i am #WorkingOutLoud to share extracts from an upcoming book on Quiet Leadership. This piece sits in the section on ‘Humility’, and asks why we take ‘the smallest of actions’. Why bother to take small actions? If we … Continue reading

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Everyday, Through The Smallest Of Actions

Today i am #WorkingOutLoud sharing extracts from the Quiet Leadership Guidebook that i am working on. The central notion to hold onto is that we all enhance our ecosystem, and we all degrade it too. If it were as simple … Continue reading

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The Wrong Hat

When my son was born, i found myself in an unfamiliar environment. Hospital systems can be inherently disconcerting, because they strip away our sense of control and power. If you are admitted, virtually the first thing they do is to … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership: Nobody Alone

Quiet Leadership recognises that the Organisation is like an ecosystem: yesterday i shared a piece that explored this. Today, as i continue writing the Guidebook that accompanies the journey, i consider how none of us, alone, can save the system. … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership: The Organisation As Ecosystem

I am #WorkingOutLoud to share writing from the Quiet Leadership book that i am working on. This piece is a rewrite of several previous descriptions of the Organisation as Ecosystem, and i hope will form the start of the first … Continue reading

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The Driftwood Cross

Flotsam is that which is washed off the deck: jetsam that which is cast aside, into the salt, over the deep. Washed by sun and smoothed by the tide, it ultimately finds it’s way to shore, where it beaches in … Continue reading

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Learning, Knowledge, and Meaning: A #WorkingOutLoud Post

I shared last week that i am revisiting some of my earlier thinking and understanding around ‘learning’: an act of graffiti to find a new story from the old. This sketch relates to a body of work i originally published … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on Evaluation

I’m giving myself some open space to think about ‘Learning’ in the broadest sense: consider it some graffiti that i’m spraying over my existing knowledge. This is shared not as a coherent body of work, but rather the things that … Continue reading

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How Stories Collide

As social creatures, we communicate in stories: small and safe ones to establish commonality, membership, and trust, and bigger, more complex ones, to share ideas, or in service of finding new meaning. But stories are not like bricks: when you … Continue reading

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If kindness is a social currency, then it is not evenly distributed between us all: we tend to spend it, invest it, hold it, within a network of broader social ties. We tend to be more kind to those who … Continue reading

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