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What Does It Mean ‘To Experiment’?

This work is part of a series of pieces around ‘The Experimental Organisation’, which together explore the practicalities of how an Organisation can be curious, and unlock learning at scale. Or indeed, to see if such a thing is even … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on ‘ The Experimental Organisation’

An ‘experiment’ is a structured approach to finding something out: or not. An ‘experiment’ may also describe how we just blunder in and try something. We pick it up and experiment with it. Like teenagers smoking behind the bike sheds. … Continue reading

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The Role of the Storyteller

Alongside more formal programmes, i increasingly find value in facilitated open sessions, ‘sense making’ spaces where people can bring their own agenda: this piece explores the role of the Social Storyteller in facilitating these spaces. I have written more widely … Continue reading

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No One Person Alone

Quiet Leadership is a new body of work exploring the Organisation as an Ecosystem, and the ways that we impact upon that system through the smallest of actions: it’s a reflective model of leadership that prompts us to explore our … Continue reading

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Pause – Refresh – Renew: Overcoming Exhaustion in Remote Culture

Last year i wrote a book called ‘Finding Your Campfire: A Remote Working Survival Guide’. I called it my ‘emergency book’, written over the first two months of the UK lockdown, and it explored three aspects of the journey out … Continue reading

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Characterising Learning Solutions

The framework shared here is intended to help us characterise a type of learning solution as either more ‘formal’, or ‘Social’. It could be used to review existing content, or as a checklist in our design process, to ensure we … Continue reading

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The Learning Organisation

This sketch explores a learning organisation, putting ‘sense making’ at the centre: it’s a view of how our relationship with knowledge is changing, and hence our approach to learning itself. Away from a formal model, where the Organisation shapes and … Continue reading

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Learning Boundaries

Tomorrow i am running a workshop around Social Learning. But it could equally be a workshop about ‘virtual’ learning, ‘blended’ learning, or ‘face to face’ learning, because ‘learning’ is a cognitive activity, not a mode of delivery. At heart, learning … Continue reading

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The Self You Choose

Our radical connectivity leaves us carrying a ‘self’ in many different spaces, but not necessarily the same ‘self’ into each. There are many views on how this works: some would claim that there is a ‘you’, a pilot that sits … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud Illustrating ‘The Humble Leader’ Book

I’ve started on the illustrations for ‘The Humble Leader’ today: i am intending to create a series of lino cut images for the front cover and section headings. These will be based around the imagery that i have been sharing … Continue reading

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