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The Winter Storm

In the Quiet Leadership work i set up the final session using an illustration about how trees lose their leaves to weather the winter storms. If they keep hold of their leaves through the winter, they catch more wind and … Continue reading

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Evolving the Organisation

Just a quick #WorkingOutLoud post today, sharing an illustration around ‘evolving the Organisation’. This plays on the notion of the Structural Organisation (the parts we can engineer, see, own, and control. The building blocks of the formal space. Perhaps as … Continue reading

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Domain Connection to Interconnectivity

Today i am #WorkingOutLoud as i develop and reflect upon work originally published in ‘The Socially Dynamic Organisation’ book. One of the conclusions of that work, which explored a new model of Organisational Design, was that we need greater interconnectivity: … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on Culture

I’ve been working on illustrations for the new Culture Explorer Programme that kicks off this week: this work is really about interconnection and practice, considering what culture is, how it forms (through stories and an understanding of power), and how … Continue reading

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Change as a Social Movement: The Language of Protest

Change is afoot: the burning of headscarves by schoolgirls in Iran, the scaling of bridges in the UK, massed tractors in France, or Occupy movements on Wall Street. We see people #TakeAKnee, or glue themselves to roads, throw soup, paint, … Continue reading

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All About Power

One of the central features of the Social Age is a rebalancing of power, held into a shift towards more multi dimensional landscapes of power. In general, we see that the individual, with Social Authority, held within community, can find … Continue reading

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Learning Fragments: Fracturing the Learning Function

Today i am reflecting on a systems view of learning within Organisations, to ask if the shifts and trends we see have negated or invalidated the structural model of Organisational learning at scale. The premise is relatively simple: we build … Continue reading

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Islands of Culture

#WorkingOutLoud today to sketch around culture, specifically how Islands exist: this is part of a reflection on how cultures operate after mergers and acquisition. Perhaps a supply boat is sent to the island, or maybe we stand on the harbour … Continue reading

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System and Structure

I grew up in an old city: the Roman military foundations overwritten by Medieval commerce and power. Most of the medieval city wall still stand, as well as the motte (the mound) upon which the castle stood. And dominating the … Continue reading

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I’m exploring ideas around culture at the moment, tying together a few disparate threads: this piece illustrates four aspects of culture that are related, but different. We can see culture in terms of the offering and accessibility of opportunity. This … Continue reading

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