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Retrospective: Vegan Punks and Social Community

Throughout this year i am carrying out a critical reappraisal of my own published work and retrospective analysis of my ideas around the Social Age. These things will, combined, contribute towards the writing of a Social Age Guidebook later this … Continue reading

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Leadership Storytelling: A Conduit, A Filter, An Interpreter

I’ve been developing some of the work around Storytelling recently, and playing with some language around our roles as a conduit, a filter, or an interpreter. Sharing this as part of #WorkingOutLoud today. As a conduit, we facilitate the transmission … Continue reading

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The Meaning We Create

I’m working on a session on Storytelling in Learning for tomorrow. I’ll use some of the new Learning Science work, including this slide on the creation of meaning. It draws on the idea that a core part of Social Learning … Continue reading

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Art Not Art #2

I’m revisiting my thinking about what constitutes Art in the age of the Art Engines, and an open question for me as to whether there is a uniquely human component of this. Specifically i am responding to challenges and ideas … Continue reading

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Stories from Berlin

I’m off to Berlin today: as well as some smart clothes and a good pair of boots to walk around in, i’ve packed my camera. I’ll have some time to explore, and the experience of walking round a city, ferreting … Continue reading

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The Stories We Hide

We grow out of stories: the ones gifted to us by our family, or imposed upon us by society. These stories shape us, and sometimes we celebrate them, or choose to leave them behind. In many ways we are nothing … Continue reading

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Controlling the Narrative

As a reminder, the blog is, for me, a primary ‘sense making’ space, and first space of reflection: what that means in practice is that it’s a space of uncertainty and the development of new ideas and the vocabulary that … Continue reading

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Types of Story: Reputation and Identity

This week i am building out ideas around Reputation and Identity as part of my current writing around ‘The Roots of Story’. Reputation can be viewed as a story, taking varied forms: partly we may seek to write that story … Continue reading

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Trapped in Stories

We can become trapped within stories: limiting our thought and action. This prison may be one we willingly inhabit, because other words for it are ‘belonging’ in stories, ‘communities’ of a story, or ‘safety’ of a story. Some stories we … Continue reading

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The Story of Culture

As part of #WorkingOutLoud on the new Storytelling work, today i am considering ‘The Story of Culture’. We talk about culture within Organisations as though it’a a ‘real’ thing, largely because we ‘see’ it around us, and we feel it … Continue reading

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