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Failure, Complexity and Control

With some irony, i am deep in complexity as i design a workshop for next week of the same name: this is a familiar feeling. Typically i start by trying to ‘say’ too much – too many slides, too many … Continue reading

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The Problem is not a Problem: #WorkingOutLoud on the Future of Work

Sometimes we try to solve a problem that is not a problem. The ‘future of work’ may fall into that category. Maybe the future is just different. The pain, as described, is non specific, and it seems unlikely that a … Continue reading

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The World Ahead

When this special edition of The Economist landed on my doorstep in December, i was rather busy, so put it on the coffee table to read at the weekend. The Weekend turned into 2022, and 2022 turned out not to … Continue reading

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Radical Interpretations Magazine: Submissions Open

Radical Interpretations is a publishing project i’m running through 2022: a space for imagined futures that brings together established and emergent voices. My aim is to curate and support a dozen or so articles, and editorial, with strong art design, … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on Future of Work

I was asked at short notice to cover a conference keynote today, and used the opportunity to pull together some of the divergent threads of my own work exploring the Future of Work. Most of this work is based upon … Continue reading

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I walked through the forest on Sunday, a beautiful day as the Spring sun finds it’s strength. One of the tracks i ventured down became narrow, and deep, the sun fading slowly as the walls around me grew higher, and … Continue reading

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Types of Story: Reputation and Identity

This week i am building out ideas around Reputation and Identity as part of my current writing around ‘The Roots of Story’. Reputation can be viewed as a story, taking varied forms: partly we may seek to write that story … Continue reading

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Reflecting upon the Learning Fragments

A couple of weeks ago i put the Learning Fragments site live: it’s the second phase of my work to reexamine my own work around learning. I’ve spent the last 18 months or so revisiting core ideas, not simply to … Continue reading

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The Great De-Construction of Work (and Place)

The start of the construction of the future of work may be to take everything apart: the great lesson of the Pandemic is the one least learned: that everything (and anything) are possible. That our truths are simply beliefs. That … Continue reading

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The Reality of Reputation

This week i have been running a series of Leadership Campfires around ‘Reputation’, and today i am sharing a reflection upon these conversations. Or perhaps i should say ‘Reputations’, because we carry not one, but many. Reputation is a story: … Continue reading

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