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Story Flow

I’ve outlined the three levels narrative that we can consider within organisations: personal, co-created and organisational. They are three lenses on the world around us, each from a different perspective and serving a different purpose. Today, i want to consider … Continue reading

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The Story

I’ve been writing the last few days around the Levels of Narrative: how we can use personal, co-created and organisational narratives in learning design, leadership and organisational change. Today, i heard about a great project using aspects of this in … Continue reading

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The 3 Levels of Narrative

Across the writing on the Social Age, i talk about levels of narrative: personal, co-created and organisational, so i felt it was about time to capture and define them properly. The ways we use stories are many and varied, but … Continue reading

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Emergent Ritual

The meaning of things can fall into history, even when the artefact itself persists. Like why we shake hands. Or give three kisses on the cheek. Or bow. Rituals, embedded in our culture, but not in any sense natural behaviours. … Continue reading

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Change Curve: Grounding your Authenticity

The Change model i’ve been exploring over the past few months outlines three manifestations of change within an organisation: they can be ‘Resistant‘ to it, ‘Constrained‘ by it, or become ‘Dynamic‘. To start the journey to Dynamic, we start by … Continue reading

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Change Curve: Overcoming the Broadcast model

‘Broadcast‘ is not simply a technology, but rather a mindset: a mindset in which the organisation believes that it owns both the authentic story and the authority over the story. A firm belief in both ownership and the right to … Continue reading

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I’m expanding out parts of the Change framework, writing today about ‘Broadcast‘ models, and how we need to overcome them in order to effect co-created and co-owned change: to become truly Dynamic. ‘Broadcast‘ was an old model, when the mechanisms … Continue reading

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