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Performance – Culture – Agency

I’ve been exploring aspects of culture this week, and the following work is a reflection on the relationship between ‘Culture’ and ‘Performance’. In it, i am presenting a hypothesis more so than a comprehensive exploration, and the hypothesis relates to … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud Illustrating Humility

I have been prevaricating around the illustrations for ‘The Humble Leader’ book, which is delaying the project. I am trying to do eleven lino prints for it, but they are time consuming, and i am not that good at it, … Continue reading

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Our Comfort With Discomfort

Learning takes place in broad arcs and in my own work i describe it as starting with disturbance: either a disturbance that we find within ourselves, or one that is imposed from the outside. As example of the first instance: … Continue reading

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Cultural Strength

The strength of a culture is woven into a fabric over time, through many small actions. Alone, each thread is weak, but together the tensile strength is high: from strong canvas we may stitch a sail to carry us forwards. … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership: Breath

Quiet Leadership explores leadership through the smallest of actions: in that sense, it is neither glamorous, nor programmatic. Rather it is about the connections between the self and the system, between the smallest and largest, between the leaf and the … Continue reading

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#FutureWork [Pt 5]: Fragments of the Future

An occasional series of essays exploring potential futures and contexts of work. The trouble with predicting the future is that we do so from within the glare of today: it’s easy to focus on the brightest lights, the promise of … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership Research: Grace

The final section of Quiet Leadership explores the notion of ‘Grace’, described as a fluidity of leadership, an agility of style and response. It’s about constant course correction, to find an individual expression of leadership in the smallest of actions: … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership Research: Fairness

This is the third of four articles sharing an early interpretation of the Quiet Leadership research from the first two cohorts. This piece considers ‘Fairness’: these results are still very small scale, so not shared as a final version, but … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership Research: Kindness

This is the second in a series of 4 pieces sharing a very early interpretation of the global data from the Quiet Leadership Research: the sample sizes are still very small but i have two more cohorts running right now, … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership Research: Humility

Throughout 2021 i am running multiple cohorts through the new Quiet Leadership journey, with an accompanying global research project. The work explores Leadership through the smallest of actions, and is set up as a guided and reflective journey, based around … Continue reading

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