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I’m running a workshop today around belonging: a value that we calculate for the varied spaces that we occupy, and which, when present, appears to give us something tangible and desired. We seek to belong, but exactly what we belong … Continue reading

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Death of the University: Exploring the Bastions of Quality

That nothing persists should be the foundation of our thinking: not nations nor mountains, beliefs nor blossoms. Everything that is built will erode and fail. Whilst the mechanisms of judgement may range from the erosive quality of sand and wind … Continue reading

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King of the World?

This piece is a cautious addition to collection of work exploring the context of the Social Age: within that work i have previously addressed (amongst other aspects) questions of citizenship beyond nations, identity in online spaces, modes of belonging, the … Continue reading

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What Gets Measured…

There’s a common expression and management dogma that ‘what gets measured gets done’, which may well be true – but we should not conflate that with thinking that what gets done is what needs to be done, nor that what … Continue reading

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Socially Dynamic Structure: #WorkingOutLoud on Organisational Design Ideas

I’m revisiting work on the Socially Dynamic Organisation, which considers aspects of Organisational Design, formal and social structure, and mechanisms of collectivism, connection, productivity and effect. This is essentially a conversation about how we design, or redesign, our Organisations to … Continue reading

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One of my friends uses a ‘Kindness Chart’ with her children: each time they are kind, they get a star for it. When the jar is full, they get a reward. So far so good. Yesterday she caught them at … Continue reading

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Holding Our Values

This week i’ve been exploring ‘values’, from both an individual and Organisational perspective. I’ve tried to break down the relationship between the narrative of ‘values’ and the practical actions that we take, and to consider whether it’s even possible to … Continue reading

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Six Seconds

As part of an expanding body of work around values, i want to use today to explore ‘values’ in action, around six seconds of detail. The six seconds in question are length of time removed by Warner Bros from the … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Values

Today is a tour through ‘values’: the ones we hold ourselves, the ones that Organisations talk about, and the ways that they impact, or fail to impact, into our everyday action. Most people believe that they have values, and if … Continue reading

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Controlling the Narrative

As a reminder, the blog is, for me, a primary ‘sense making’ space, and first space of reflection: what that means in practice is that it’s a space of uncertainty and the development of new ideas and the vocabulary that … Continue reading

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