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The Making of Me: A Critical Reflection

As part of my own professional development, i’m embarking on a critical reappraisal of my published work around the Social Age. This will primarily consist of a retrospective analysis and review of my seventeen published books and other works, alongside … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on Learning Science: Learning Ecosystems

This week we are working on a section of the Learning Science Guidebook that deals with ‘Learning Ecosystems’. I say ‘we’: so far it’s mainly Sae and Geoff who have actually worked on it. I’m coming to it late and … Continue reading

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My Practice

My work is held in a principle of #WorkingOutLoud, whereby i share my evolving thinking as i travel. It’s reflective practice and in this work some ideas solidify, whilst others remain nebulous, or fail. There is an archaeology and architecture … Continue reading

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Trends of the Social Age

To understand a system we typically start with point observations, and generalise from there, framed within our legacy understanding: look around you, see what is different at the granular level, what you can see and sense, and then generalise back … Continue reading

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Illustrating the ’Social Age Guidebook’

My next two Guidebooks will be published as a matched pair: ‘The Social Age Guidebook’ explores ten aspects of the Social Age, and ‘The Socially Dynamic Organisation’ considers the new type of Organisation we must build to thrive within it. … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on the Storytelling Certification: Running Experiments

Sharing a quick update on this work: i’m designing a twelve week certification around Storytelling for Social Leaders, and today have finalised the structure. It will be a twelve week journey, split between two sections: the first covers ‘Ideas and … Continue reading

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A Permission To Be Wrong

I often talk about ‘permission’ an easily shoplifted thing: you can be given it, or you can pick it up and walk away with it. And nobody can stop you. Permission can be granted, or it can be claimed. Not … Continue reading

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Foundations of the Social Age: a MOOC

I have to say it’s been a busy couple of days: I’ve recorded 29 videos and 10 podcasts for the MOOC I’m designing on the foundations of the Social Age. This is an experiment, a chance to pull together a … Continue reading

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Resistance to Change: Aspects of Cognition – a #WorkingOutLoud post

I’m sharing another significant chunk of new writing today as I take good strides forward completing the third draft manuscript for the new book on organisational change, and how we build the Socially Dynamic Organisation. I’m #WorkingOutLoud as i do … Continue reading

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The 16 Resisters of Change: Technology [Pt 1]

I’m making strong progress with the book today: I’ve completed the section around the Socially Dynamic Organisation, and have moved onto look at the foundations of change. Today I’ve been writing primarily around the 16 resistors of change, which are … Continue reading

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