Writer, Researcher, Captain at Sea Salt Learning. I help individuals, and Organisations, get fit for the Social Age.

We live in the Social Age, a time of constant change, and broadening inequality. Our challenge is to build the skills, capability, and mindset, to do better: to build Organisations that are more fair, to lead, and learn, with humility. To act with kindness and to strive for social justice, in all that we do.

I split my time between carrying out community based research, and working with a broad range of communities and Organisations, around the world, helping them to change.

I write, and work, around Social Leadership, the reputation based authority that is granted to us by our own communities. Within this, i study the power structures that underly much of the movement, and conflict, within these complex social systems.

I research, and write, about the ‘Landscape of Trust’, a dominant force that acts upon communities: to understand how it forms, how it flows, how it grows, and is fractured.

I am a generalist: on this blog, i move between topics as they cross my mind. It’s my first reflective space, the place that i both develop, break, iterate, and share, all my work.

Some of what i share here is my 1% work, work which is at the far edges of my understanding, and much of which is almost certainly wrong, but which is part of my own journey to finding a new truth.

In 2014 i founded Sea Salt Learning, as a global partner for change: we work with complex organisations around the world, to help them sketch out their future, and to make that future real.

My work provides me with unparalleled opportunities to travel, and to meet people, around the world, for which i am incredibly grateful.

It’s easy to do the things we know how to do, within communities that we know and trust: known things in known spaces.

But to build the world that we want, we will likely need to engage across our differences, into spaces that are complex, poorly understood, and certainly beyond our direct control. We will need to learn how to build more Socially Dynamic Organisations: ones that are lightweight, adaptive, and deeply fair.

This blog is part of my own journey, and i share the ideas in that spirit: not as ideas that are right, but to help me make my ideas better.
The views expressed on the blog are my own: that’s why I’ve written it.

All text and images © Julian Stodd

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