Consultant, Author, Speaker. I help organisations and individuals learn better.

Julian splits his time between research and writing about learning, alongside consultancy and delivering projects out in the real world with his crew at SeaSalt Learning.

Much of Julian’s consultancy work is around e-learning, mobile learning, social learning and learning theory, working with global organisations to help them translate their learning objectives into practically focussed projects that deliver quantifiable changes in knowledge, skills and behaviours.

He works extensively on the learning design for projects, as well as bringing together creative and technical teams to deliver them.

Julian writes a daily learning blog, where he joins his community to develop and share new ideas and understanding.

SeaSalt Learning is my global learning consultancy, where we help organisations face up to the challenges of the Social Age. You can find it at www.SeaSaltLearning.com

You can hear my Learning Podcasts at www.julianstodd.podomatic.com


All views expressed on the blog are my own. Of course. That’s why I’ve written it.

All text and images copyright Julian Stodd 2011 – 2014

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