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Performance – Culture – Agency

I’ve been exploring aspects of culture this week, and the following work is a reflection on the relationship between ‘Culture’ and ‘Performance’. In it, i am presenting a hypothesis more so than a comprehensive exploration, and the hypothesis relates to … Continue reading

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Cultural Strength

The strength of a culture is woven into a fabric over time, through many small actions. Alone, each thread is weak, but together the tensile strength is high: from strong canvas we may stitch a sail to carry us forwards. … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership Research: Fairness

This is the third of four articles sharing an early interpretation of the Quiet Leadership research from the first two cohorts. This piece considers ‘Fairness’: these results are still very small scale, so not shared as a final version, but … Continue reading

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Everyday, Through The Smallest Of Actions

Today i am #WorkingOutLoud sharing extracts from the Quiet Leadership Guidebook that i am working on. The central notion to hold onto is that we all enhance our ecosystem, and we all degrade it too. If it were as simple … Continue reading

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Pause – Refresh – Renew: Overcoming Exhaustion in Remote Culture

Last year i wrote a book called ‘Finding Your Campfire: A Remote Working Survival Guide’. I called it my ‘emergency book’, written over the first two months of the UK lockdown, and it explored three aspects of the journey out … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership: Is Kindness A Friction Upon The System?

Part of Social Leadership is a willingness to look inwards: to take our assumptions and explore them from different angles and perspectives. Some of that reflective work we can do ourselves, whilst for other parts, to look into our shadow, … Continue reading

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An Organisation of Marketplaces

As part of my #FutureWork series i have been exploring the idea of Organisational Marketplaces: an evolution away from pure allocation and control towards a model of investment and opportunity. In this piece i will explore two manifestations of this, … Continue reading

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#FutureWork [Pt 3] – Qualifications into Capability

Jo enjoyed talking to grandad about the old days, when he had a career, although she was secretly glad not to have had one herself. The idea of doing all your education at the start without really knowing what ‘work’ … Continue reading

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One Voice

One voice can shout loudly, or can embolden others. One voice can craft a story, or enable others to craft theirs. One voice can dominate, or use it’s power to create space for others. Social Leadership is not about owning … Continue reading

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Space and Power

Around the world, spaces lie empty: University and Organisational campuses, Head Offices, Industrial Parks and Innovation Spaces. Their populations have not disappeared, but rather dispersed: home working, connected by technology, remote, but not apart. But not together in the same … Continue reading

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