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Domain Specificity into a Generalised Specificity

This is a conversation about the future of work. Consider this a half formed thought, but one which i’ve been chasing around for a while now. As part of the work exploring where we go, ‘Beyond Organisations’, and linked into … Continue reading

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What’s the point of a good book? Can you learn from books or is experience the only way to go?

In a weak piece of writing, i’m asking an obvious question here. The answer is that both have value. But, to avoid an overly short response, it’s worth investigating further. Writing captures information, it takes a snapshot of a view, … Continue reading

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What is an ‘expert’?

When we’re creating learning materials, we often look to an expert to help shape the content. But what is an expert? Expertise is generally defined as having comprehensive, knowledge or skills in a specific, narrowly defined area. Almost by definition, … Continue reading

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