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The senses of learning: touch

I have only thrown one pot in my life, a rather lumpy green affair, but nonetheless, it holds pride of place on a shelf, testament to a liberal schooling system and limitless enthusiasm. This morning i was listening to an … Continue reading

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Climbing the redundant pyramid: further explorations of the changing hierarchies of learning

The blog is a reflective space: an evolving picture of my learning and understanding, which is why i’m revisiting the ‘redundant pyramid‘ of learning hierarchies that i recently unearthed. The premise of the redundant pyramid is that learning is changing: … Continue reading

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Road Trip: one foot in reality

This is my first time writing for over a week, the only break i’ve taken from the blog in two years. Two weeks in America have been filled with new experiences and wonderful memories: riding an airboat through the Everglades, … Continue reading

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Road Trip: the old and the new

Driving down to Key West, you run over seven mile bridge. The road is great: phenomenal views, sunshine, palm trees and a relaxed feel. To one side, you can see sections of the old, semi derelict bridge. Some of it … Continue reading

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Road trip: learning and adapting to be resourceful

The blog is on tour around Florida for two weeks, so posts will be erratic and may contain reptiles and be enjoyed with a mojito. Yesterday bought us to the Everglades and the chance to ride an airboat out into … Continue reading

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Road Trip: familiar landscapes

The familiar forms the foundation for our understanding of the new: I live by the beach at home, it’s a familiar landscape, but here, it’s a little different. Walking along the waters edge, the water is the same ocean, but … Continue reading

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Road Trip: forming communities

The blog in on a road trip in the US for a couple of weeks. We’re driving round Florida chasing great music and alligators. Updates may be a little erratic as i get wifi. We don’t have a plan. More … Continue reading

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The worthiness of learning: choosing the right book for the task at hand

Airport lounges are funny places: microcosms of society based around perfume and whiskey. On a monday morning there are more people travelling for work than to play, but still an eclectic collection of the suited, the bearded and the plain … Continue reading

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The redundant pyramid: how hierarchical learning structures are collapsing

The pyramidal view of learning is where you stand at the top and pour the knowledge down the sides, reaching ever increasing numbers of people as the truth flows out from it’s source. I think that today that model is … Continue reading

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Our evolving relationship with books: the extension of how we learn

My relationship with books is changing. We used to have a pedestrian love affair: i would buy them, read them, lavish praise upon them and then retire them to a shelf, where they would live out a happy retirement, with … Continue reading

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