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The senses of learning: touch

I have only thrown one pot in my life, a rather lumpy green affair, but nonetheless, it holds pride of place on a shelf, testament to a liberal schooling system and limitless enthusiasm. This morning i was listening to an … Continue reading

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Climbing the redundant pyramid: further explorations of the changing hierarchies of learning

The blog is a reflective space: an evolving picture of my learning and understanding, which is why i’m revisiting the ‘redundant pyramid‘ of learning hierarchies that i recently unearthed. The premise of the redundant pyramid is that learning is changing: … Continue reading

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Road Trip: one foot in reality

This is my first time writing for over a week, the only break i’ve taken from the blog in two years. Two weeks in America have been filled with new experiences and wonderful memories: riding an airboat through the Everglades, … Continue reading

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Road Trip: the old and the new

Driving down to Key West, you run over seven mile bridge. The road is great: phenomenal views, sunshine, palm trees and a relaxed feel. To one side, you can see sections of the old, semi derelict bridge. Some of it … Continue reading

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Road trip: learning and adapting to be resourceful

The blog is on tour around Florida for two weeks, so posts will be erratic and may contain reptiles and be enjoyed with a mojito. Yesterday bought us to the Everglades and the chance to ride an airboat out into … Continue reading

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Road Trip: familiar landscapes

The familiar forms the foundation for our understanding of the new: I live by the beach at home, it’s a familiar landscape, but here, it’s a little different. Walking along the waters edge, the water is the same ocean, but … Continue reading

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Road Trip: forming communities

The blog in on a road trip in the US for a couple of weeks. We’re driving round Florida chasing great music and alligators. Updates may be a little erratic as i get wifi. We don’t have a plan. More … Continue reading

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