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The Web

When we consider the Socially Dynamic Organisation, the notion of a ‘web’ of connection is easy to visualise, but probably incorrect. The Social structure of the Organisations is lumpy, clumped into trust bonded units, tribes, each of which may form … Continue reading

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The world is changing, yet again. It’s almost like it turns in circles. We have started to convene, back within ‘real’ spaces for ‘real’ conversations. And yet i do not want comfort. When we come together i do not want … Continue reading

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Building Culture

I’m off to Orlando today for the ATD Conference next week, where i’m sharing a session on ‘Building Culture’ with my friends over at Novartis. As i prepare for the session (it’s a long flight) i find myself thinking about … Continue reading

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I’m running a workshop today around belonging: a value that we calculate for the varied spaces that we occupy, and which, when present, appears to give us something tangible and desired. We seek to belong, but exactly what we belong … Continue reading

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I walked through the forest on Sunday, a beautiful day as the Spring sun finds it’s strength. One of the tracks i ventured down became narrow, and deep, the sun fading slowly as the walls around me grew higher, and … Continue reading

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I found my Blockbuster card last week. It was sat in the drawer i use for those coffee loyalty cards and half spent book tokens. The things you need, but not every day. The things with value, but not valuable … Continue reading

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Power and Potential: A Social Leadership Enquiry Framework

It’s a busy week for publishing and the steam is coming off the presses: after the publication yesterday of ‘Quiet Leadership’, today sees ‘Power and Potential’ launched. This is my first published Enquiry Framework, formed of sixteen questions through which … Continue reading

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The Delusion of Productivity

I have come to realise that many of the supposed mechanisms of productivity and connection provided to me through technology are, in fact, the opposite. I fear that the suites of tools and features that allow me to work from … Continue reading

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Landmarks of the Social Age – #1 – Connectivity

Today i am #WorkingOutLoud to share part of the manuscript i am working on, acting as a guide to the map of the Social Age. Our first landmark as we explore the Social Age is ‘Connectivity’ – it rises over … Continue reading

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Your Power

All power has limits, and no power acts in isolation: part of a reflective Leadership practice is to understand the type of power that we hold, and the ways that it converges with others. To know which type of power … Continue reading

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