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Reflecting on ‘Social Leadership Daily’

Just over a year ago i started the Social Leadership Daily work as a ‘Community In Practice’, for sixty seconds every day. It was, as much as anything, a chance for me to challenge myself, in terms of making something … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on ‘Togetherness – Otherness’

One of my writing projects this year concerns ‘togetherness and otherness’. In the spirit of ‘The Humble Leader’, this will be a guided reflection, but different from that previous work in that i intend to bring in different voices: people … Continue reading

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Retrospective: Vegan Punks and Social Community

Throughout this year i am carrying out a critical reappraisal of my own published work and retrospective analysis of my ideas around the Social Age. These things will, combined, contribute towards the writing of a Social Age Guidebook later this … Continue reading

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Domain Connection to Interconnectivity

Today i am #WorkingOutLoud as i develop and reflect upon work originally published in ‘The Socially Dynamic Organisation’ book. One of the conclusions of that work, which explored a new model of Organisational Design, was that we need greater interconnectivity: … Continue reading

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I’ve switched focus to a very high and broad view today, sharing an illustration of one way we can view the paradigm of the Social Age. This view is a structural one: the largest playing pieces on the board: it … Continue reading

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My Practice #3

Over the last couple of days i have attempted to share a view of my own practice, and today i’ve sketched out a more dynamic view of how it fits together: of course this is an abstraction, a sketch of … Continue reading

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My Practice #2

Yesterday i shared a narrative around my own practice, as part of a pause as i consider my own development and space. Today i will add some detail around that picture: i do this not specifically in the sense that … Continue reading

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Berlin Walk

The edge-land spaces in Berlin are to the front of stage, easy to spot as you walk through the city by day or night. There is the obvious tension of the old and the new, and the languages in which … Continue reading

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What is your identity? Do you have one, or many? Are all of your identities public, or are some hidden? Do some require you to be badged or accepted by other people, or can you self determine it? How well … Continue reading

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Future of Work: Options – Questions

I am not alone in saying that train and plane time is valuable, but in two flavours. The train that i am currently on has no WiFi of any use, and no real phone signal, so it’s enforced ‘offline time’. … Continue reading

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