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MSN messenger. Unsung hero of the revolution? How we took our first steps into real time collaboration.

Messenger is like your favourite pen. It sits on your desktop for months on end, taking up very little space. you don’t really even notice it’s there, until you need it. Then, you pick it up for a moment, make … Continue reading

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Team Coaching: learning how one plus one may equal three.

I enjoyed breakfast yesterday in good company at an inspiring seminar by Professor Peter Hawkins (, talking about Team Coaching. Now, i’m not going to attempt to explain the detail of what he talked about, as i can come nowhere … Continue reading

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Getting to grips with the Blackberry Playbook. First impressions

It’s been few days since the Blackberry Playbook landed on my desk, eagerly awaited and much anticipated, but i have a guilty confession. I’ve barely touched it. And the reason is simple; i don’t know what to do with it. … Continue reading

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Designing e-learning solutions. Questions of cost and quality and preconceptions.

Lots of people assume that e-learning is expensive to produce, that it’s not as effective as classroom based training, or that it’s good for knowledge training, but not for skills training. None of these things are true if the e-learning … Continue reading

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The state of the London Underground and the importance of usability testing.

I am lost. Hopelessly lost, with little prospect of getting home. And i’ll tell you why. It’s because London Underground don’t know the importance of usability and testing. People who travel regularly with this blog will know that I try … Continue reading

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Bean bags and caffeine. Environment and learning.

Yesterday, i spent the day in an innovation centre. It was great, sweeping modern architecture, curved glass aplenty, primary coloured comfy seats, open decking with views of the pastures, good coffee, a gaggle of nerds and more Macs than you … Continue reading

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Collaborative learning habits. Examining how and why we collaborate and strategies for encouraging this in learning contexts.

By nature, we are collaborative learners. True, this might just mean we try to get a glimpse at someone else’s exam paper, but overall, we like the reassurance that comes from feeling that we are on the right track. The … Continue reading

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Out with the old, in with the new. Issues and ownership of change in large organisations.

The only constant is change, or so it feels. it’s safe to say that organisations are rarely in a state of stability, but rather, exist in constant flux. The only certainty is uncertainty. Change is understood to be something that … Continue reading

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Disability and communication: adapting our model of communication to changing circumstances.

Recently i met someone brave. A teenager who had been profoundly affected by cancer, losing first her sight, then her hearing, all over the space of around three years. Within that time, instead of despair, she seemed to have found … Continue reading

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How big is a ‘community’? Questions of size and scale in online communities of practice and collaborative learning environments.

When we set out to create an online community, we often seek to attract people to join in, to generate engagement. One of the features of online communities is that you need a certain critical mass to make it all … Continue reading

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