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The Dereliction Walk: early stage #WorkingOutLoud

I’m working on the design of a ‘Dereliction Walk’ in New York: it’s a group activity that explores ideas of innovation, failure, and the mechanisms of community driven change. You may have seen that much of my more recent work … Continue reading

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‘Safety Making’ – 9 routes to failure

I used a phrase in the blog yesterday, and it’s been stuck in my mind ever since: “People are engaged in some kind of mass hysteria, and mass ‘safety making’”. ‘Safety Making’: I wrote the sentence on an impulse: i … Continue reading

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To Experiment (Or Not)

Scientists never really ‘know’ if something is true: they just have a body of evidence which supports a hypothesis, which has not yet been disproved. The onus does not lie on anyone else to prove an alternative: it’s open simply … Continue reading

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Imperfect Stories

It’s the end of a long day, and i’m too tired to write, so instead, sharing an unfinished, imperfect, story. This is the sketch i’ve just done, which is my first thought on the artwork for the Storytelling Certification: i … Continue reading

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Sharing ‘The Trust Guidebook’

I’m working on a short ‘Trust Guidebook’, to accompany the launch of ‘The Trust Sketchbook’ next week. Today, i’m sharing the first two sections, as part of #WorkingOutLoud. Overview Trust is complex, perhaps best viewed as a dynamic landscape. From … Continue reading

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Social Leadership: In Everyday Things

Social Leadership is not something to be locked away, bought out on special occasions, or when we feel the need to perform: it’s the way we are in the world every single day. It’s through our actions, in the moment, … Continue reading

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Social Learning: Summary

Yesterday i shared the introduction from a chapter i’m writing on Social Learning for a new book. Today, i’m sharing the summary from the end. We’ve covered a lot of ground, so let’s summarise where we have got to: Learning … Continue reading

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