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Learning Fragments: evolving thoughts on learning

Over the last four months i’ve been playing with a new space, dedicated specifically to fragments of thought around my core work on social and collaborative learning. It’s a video blog (of a vlog, if you’re in the know) sharing … Continue reading

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#LearningFragments – The Staircase of Certainty

Most of the things i truly believe today i believe with a certainty. Sometimes a righteous one. Sometimes an indignant one. And yet they are not always the things that i was certain about yesterday. There is a naive temptation … Continue reading

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The Stories We Hide

We grow out of stories: the ones gifted to us by our family, or imposed upon us by society. These stories shape us, and sometimes we celebrate them, or choose to leave them behind. In many ways we are nothing … Continue reading

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Clarity, Simplicity and Certainty

This morning i was lucky to host an online group for a Leadership Campfire around ‘Accountability’, where we considered the formal and social structures within which we construct our sense of consequence and action. This afternoon i’m running an in … Continue reading

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‘The Humble Leader’ book on Kickstarter

There are just three days left to support my new book, ‘The Humble Leader’ over on Kickstarter: this is a guided reflection in Social Leadership, considering the role of humility in our practice. It’s a small and beautiful hard back … Continue reading

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The Risk of Comfort

I feel the pervasive risk of my own comfort: in my ideas, reputation, and work. I feel, to a degree, that i have it all under control. Occasionally i say things that people mistake for wisdom. At times, i even … Continue reading

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Radical Interpretations: The Learning Economy

My new publishing project is called ‘Radical Interpretations’, and will contain a series of ‘imagined futures’. The intention is to curate a collection of essays, artwork, conversations and ideas with a 3-5 year future focus, but unconstrained by practical implementation. … Continue reading

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Shadows of Thought

I was searching for an image yesterday: i could see it in my head, and knew roughly when i’d drawn it, but could not quite find it. My keyword searches through the blog brought up a succession of progressively older … Continue reading

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Extending Capability

I had dinner with a friend last night, a climber, who described how her group would use a drone to scout out new climbing routes. They would use the drone to extend their capability: after trekking through snow, through undergrowth, … Continue reading

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The world is changing, yet again. It’s almost like it turns in circles. We have started to convene, back within ‘real’ spaces for ‘real’ conversations. And yet i do not want comfort. When we come together i do not want … Continue reading

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