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Aspects of #WorkingOutLoud

With ever greater conviction as time passes, i realise that #WorkingOutLoud is the central mechanism of my work: the methodology by which i build understanding and share ideas. Today, as part of a broader programme of reflective practice through 2023, … Continue reading

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Togetherness – Otherness

I’m putting it on a page for the first time. Sharing the words that start to form around the idea. In various threads of work, from the new chapter of Quiet Leadership, through the Community Builder work, and the Landscape … Continue reading

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My Practice #3

Over the last couple of days i have attempted to share a view of my own practice, and today i’ve sketched out a more dynamic view of how it fits together: of course this is an abstraction, a sketch of … Continue reading

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On Holiday

I am looking forward to a break: what with the pandemic, the baby, and the toddler, as well as the small matter of work, it’s been a busy couple of years. Productive, but busy. Whilst i’m off, the first full … Continue reading

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Ideas of Ice

Global warming presents us with the threat of flooding: as the icecaps melt, the water levels rise around the world, with coastal cities facing ruin. The concept is easy enough to understand: as the ice melts, the sea rises, much … Continue reading

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I am an Island

We share a different story in every direction that we face: we make parts of our journey alone. On our island, we can tend to the land, we can build a house. We can shape the landscape, and look out … Continue reading

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What Can You Leave Behind?

A few years ago, i was planning for an expedition, packing and repacking my backpack, trying to squeeze in every last thing that i may need, whilst keeping the overall weight manageable. At some point in this process, I met … Continue reading

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‘The Trust Sketchbook’ is coming

Today is the last day of the Kickstarter Campaign for ‘The Trust Sketchbook‘, and i’m pleased to say that it’s been highly successful, for two reasons. First: it’s exceeded the target significantly, which gives me the freedom to explore new … Continue reading

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Socially Dynamic Traits: Ideation, Aggregation and Dissemination

I’m writing today around a new area, the Socially Dynamic Organisation. I’m using this term in a very specific context, to talk about organisations that sit in the Dynamic expression of the Dynamic Change framework. these are organisations that have … Continue reading

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The Social Age Safari – Connect the Dots

We are deep in the heart of the Social Age Safari. This is a prototype event, a live rehearsal, a chance to bring together a number of ideas to see what works. A series of three-hour hack events, separated by … Continue reading

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