Radical Interpretations

Through 2022 i am curating and editing a new magazine:

Radical Interpretations’ will present bold visions of our future: bringing together established and emergent voices in one space, to share diverse perspectives and ideas.

Through a curated collection of ‘what if’s’, it aims to bring not answers, but rather a space for debate and sense making. And to build a global community to do that thinking within.

Radical Interpretations will draw together a broad collection of writing and illustration, from authors sharing their insights and perspectives in an open and inclusive format, with a real focus on breaking down barriers to writing and publication to enable anyone to find a voice.

Taking the mid term view, we seek representation from diverse voices from traditional and non standard spaces, to provide provocation, insight, and understanding, and to challenge the frames we think within.

Radical Interpretation will use an Open Peer Review process, where work will be published with two responses, to help spur discussion and represent both amplifying and oppositional views.


Radical Interpretations will explore different themes each issue. Examples include:

  • What is a radical interpretation of the Future of Work?
  • What is a radical interpretation of Leadership?
  • What is a radical future of Organisational Learning?
  • What is a radical future of HR?
  • What is a radical future of the NHS?
  • What is a radical future of Society?

The Magazine will be a space for incomplete thinking to be shared, and shaped.

  • Radical Interpretations: a Magazine – a biannual publication bringing together diverse and divergent thinking.
  • Radical Interpretation: Debate – a monthly opportunity to bring together different voices from a global community
  • Radical Interpretation: Community – an opportunity to shape and share in this journey, through contribution, readership, or discussion.

To submit an ideas email hello@seasaltlearning.com


And you can find further information in this blog post.